A Weekend Trip

 We headed out early on Saturday to do a bit of exploring.

 We found ourselves in farm country once again.

 The fields have all been sowed and things are green and growing everywhere.  I find it so relaxing to drive through farmlands.

 Our GPS took us through a cemetery. It was worth it since we got to see the Griswold tombstone.

 Click for a closer look of any photo.  We saw these Amish men going off to work.

 And we stopped at this Amish farm to buy lots of strawberries that these kids had just picked.  Their dogs name is Sparky.

 We saw lots of nice farmhouses.

 I think Christer lives in this one!

 We passed lots of quaint churches.

 This place was selling a bit of everything.

 A cool Victorian in the middle of nowhere.

 As we closed in on our destination, we started to see these.

And vineyards everywhere.
The Blog Tech was thrilled to see a nuclear plant in the distance.  Tomorrow I will show you were we ended up.


Michelle said…
Ah, I love it. One of these days I want to visit Amish Country. We just don't have anything like this in Oregon.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.
Anonymous said…
beautiful photos, the farm houses remind me of home, it must have been great to buy the strawberries from the Amish family,
Mary Ann said…
What were the little buildings? Here, we have some and they were formerly flea markets, now closed.
Cottage Tails said…
ahh I always love your Amish photos.
Anonymous said…
I like all the houses but yes I would live in that red one :-) :-)

That area looks a bit like it does where I lived before I moved to my cottage, big fields everywhere but the houses is very different, I like the ones You show today so much more.

Looking forward to tomoorws post!

Have a great day!
Looks like it was a lovely drive.
Joy said…
Vineyards in Pennsylvania? I had no idea! :-)
Guillaume said…
It is like stepping in another time.
Bet the strawberries are delicious. Love those little blue houses.
Deb said…
I get so excited when you're off to a festival or journey. These obscure pockets of America are little seen by many and I'm just fascinated by them. That victorian was incredible with its fish-scale roof tiles. Also loved Franco's, serving everything under the sun, despite threat of building falling down. Loved it.