An Antique and Craft Sale in the Woods

 You have to kiss a lot of frog fairs until you find a really good one.  This was a terrific one!

 The setting for this fair was just magical.  I am still suffering from major farm envy.  If I lived here, I would just drive up and down this driveway all day.

 I just might dance naked in front of this farmhouse all day too.  Though I would have to install whole house A/C.  That small window unit is just wrong. Little things like that drive me crazy.

 Click to enlarge the photos.  This was carved by the guy who also carved....

 Yep, the first pumpkins of the year!!!

 The farm truck.

 One of the pastures.

 These benches were great and I really wanted one but I had nowhere to use it.

 It was wonderful to walk under these majestic pines on paths strewn with pine cones and pine needles.

 An antique mouse trap.

 Wooden boxes.

 An antique wringer for laundry.

 These were really cute.  The galvanized tubs were planted as salad gardens. 

 The table in the middle holds antique children's sewing machines.

 I just loved these birdhouses.  They are covered in different gun parts and fishing lures and marked hunting lodge.

This spinning wheel was calling my name but since I can hardly knit, I took a pass.  I will show the rest tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
now that was a fair, I see many things there that would be coming home with me!!!The salad in the pails is a cute idea, the benches, the boxes but the bird houses, I love that theme, it also is a lovely driveway, right out of a magazine, long driveways are lovely except in January up here, then its a long walk in through snow drifts, yuk!
Love the stuffed mouse in the antique mouse trap, LOL!
Sandy said…

Oh how I wish we had antique fairs like yours. This is a gorgeous estate. Enjoy.......did you come home with new antiques for your place?
Patty Woodland said…
Looks like you will be returning to year after year.

I've finally got a laptop so I can visit again. My leg is improving.
Susan said…
I see what you mean about that driveway - wow. I loved the carved tortoise! What a wonderful fair - how do you find these things??
Well...okay, but where was the food? And what did you see you could not live without and brought it home? :) Hmmmm?
More pictures tomorrow might answer my questions. I'm SO nosey!
Anonymous said…
Yes this is the best fair so far!
What a beautiful place! The fog and that long straight road was justr perfect!

I saw klots of things I would like there especially those chairs because I need new ones to my kitchen :-)

Looking forward to more photos!

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
This looks amazing! That's what a fair needs! You may have move to have a spot for one of those wooden benches.:)
Guillaume said…
Looks like a great fair. I haven't seen one like this in ages. Here in the UK, it is hit and miss too, but too often miss.
Barb said…
Do you see the pale green envy color that I am turning into??! We just don't have fairs like this out here.
Laura said…
I would love to go to some of these places with you! You find the coolest places! Once I get moved I'm going to start hunting up things like this in my own area.
ps...hugs to Teddy!
LOVED the vintage mouse trap. A wonderful fair, indeed.
Deb said…

That setting takes my breath away. I think I'd want to walk barefoot in those woods. I love the plants in the galvanized pails. In fact, I pretty much love everything in these photos.
Joyce said…
Okay, I want to know how you find all of the fairs and/or flea markets? Love looking at them.
Jim said…
Oh my! Loved this! Especially those 7 chairs! I LOVE chairs! I have no idea where this comes from. All I know is that I am hooked!
Yes I agree with you....I would drive up and down that driveway as much as I could too!!