And the Garden Grows

One month ago.           
Today.  I am still not sure how well this trough garden will do but so far so good.

 New bay leaf growth.

 Poor Teddy is still holding her paw up. She also has bad dermatitis around her eyes from allergies. We've been giving her Claritin but it is time to try something else.

 All of the tomatoes are staked and tied.

 The only thing that is not growing well are my jalapenos.  They are very small.

 The tomatoes that are doing the best are the ones planted in the bag. Same dirt as the troughs so go figure.

 Teddy is pretty miserable in this hot humid weather.

 Clematis and climbing hydrangeas.

 Oakleaf hydraneas starting to bloom.  Here comes more pollen!

 It's a jungle out there.

 Rear view.

 Teddy keeps the squirrels away.

It has rained a lot these last few days and everything is soggy. The flip side is no watering though.  We are in for a nice weekend so things should dry up a bit.  The Blog Tech and I are off to an interesting festival tomorrow so I hope to have some good photos for you on Sunday.

*  To those who asked what I topped my hot dog buns with, it is 'everything' bagel topping from King Arthur Flour.


Your gardens never cease to amaze me. They are breathtaking. TEDDY is so faithful in her duty to guard them from squirrels.
Anonymous said…
everything looks wonderful Joyce, but I do feel bad for poor Teddy, she must be feeling just miserable, poor pup,
Anonymous said…
Your garden looks good! That rain and some nice weather and it will grow even better!

Here it has cooled down conciderable and it's so nice now. I guess the plants perhaps would like it a bit warmer but life's tough as I say :-)

Poor Teddy! Both a bad paw and allergies, over here it's bad ear and bad stomachs instead :-)

Have a great day!
Loli said…
Her eyes are as bad as Bon Bon's. But he is better due to the medicine. Took a while to cure him, though.
Cottage Tails said…
I bet you love the rain sure will save watering your containers. Poor old Teddy.
Nellie said…
It appears as though the "if you plant it, it will grow" works for you very well. So sorry about Teddy's allergies.
Guillaume said…
You make me want to have a garden.
Julie said…
I would like to be in your garden right now. It is a lovely place.
Margaret said…
Beautiful photos. The garden is growing nicely. Hope Teddy feels better soon. Maggie
Call up this woman and ask for her allergy tonic:

Explain that it's for your dog.

Heather knows everything, she'll be able to help.
Jim said…
Your gardens inspire me! They look magnificent!
Isn't it strange that your tomatoes in the plastic bags are doing the best....maybe more retention of moisture that pottery or troughs?
Interesting indeed.
Poor Teddy! Bad time to allergy suffers human and critter!