Cooking for the Shelter

 You might have noticed that I have not been posting any cooking for the shelter.  I haven't cooked for them in over a month.  This has been a tough decision for me.

 After my ovens died along with my cooktop, I had to do some real thinking. It cost me a small fortune to replace my appliances not to mention the inconvenience.

 I finally realized, that even with new appliances, I could not do restaurant type cooking with residential appliances.  It does not matter that they are brand new, they can not handle the capacity of the cooking I was doing.  In the same amount of time, I would destroy the new appliances as well.  I did continue to cook for them after I replaced my ovens and cooktop, but it was not the same.  I completely had to change what I was previously doing.

 Also, having experienced the time off when I was waiting for everything to be replaced, I could not believe how I was enjoying not having so much to do.

 The shopping alone took up every bit of extra time I had when I wasn't cooking for 60-100 men 3 times a week.  I think I cooked myself out! It's been like having a full time job.

 I also realized, I could do this endlessly.  Hungry homeless men are not going away.  The shelter does have a lot of cooks and volunteers, all I was providing was a better quality of food.

 So, I am not saying I will never cook for the shelter again.  I just won't do it the way I was doing it.  And I just needed some time to reconnoiter and decide where to go from here.

 I also threw myself into my gardens unlike I have in years.  It is time to attend to things I had put on hold.

 And I have a new huge project that I am throwing myself into which might just be the best thing I have ever been involved in.  I will fill you in on that later.

I loved my time being involved with the shelter and I loved those guys.  But maybe I can help out even more somewhere else.


Margaret said…
You provided them with amazing meals and they were grateful. I know you enjoyed doing it but when it becomes all consuming you need to take a step back.The fact that you realize that will make you want to still occasionally send something over to them istead of never going back. Enjoy your Summer! Can't wait to hear what is coming up! Maggie
That's the thing with volunteering. Every organization and cause, no matter how worthy, is a bottomless pit of endless need. As much as a volunteer can give, there is always more need. You are wise to set strict parameters on just how much you can realistically do.
Anonymous said…
It isn't good if it takes over the entire life so I think You're taking the raight decision. Help out when You feel You have the time and strength to.

Looking forward to read more about the comming project!

Have a great day!
Dee said…
I know you miss cooking for them and they miss your good cooking but someone else needs to step up. Enjoy your garden for now.
jody said…
Im sure this has taken alot of sole searching on your part.. And we need to do what we need to do.. For now your garden is calling you and i know its a peaceful calling for you as well as me! The shelter will survive and carry on.. Enjoy some time!!
Anonymous said…
I just knew you would find another passion, you just can't keep a good woman down and you are one of the best women I know!
Jim said…
Very wise and sound decision! Your heart is can take over quite easily when the 'need' out there in the world is so huge.
One has to look after themselves first, then fit in what they can for other people.
You have me intrigued now. I am sure what you have in mind will be a success for you and to those at the receiving end.
All your food photos have made me HUNGRY!!
Have a wonderful weekend.
NanaDiana said…
God bless you. I wondered how long you could continue at the pace you were going. It is hard to "let go" sometimes even when we know it is the best thing for us. I am glad you have stepped back a bit.

Someone else can do it for a while and although it may not be the same quality (that you did) it will be filling and nourishing. You did a good job! Now- I hope you can enjoy a bit of your own life. xo Diana
Mary said…
I know this had to be a very difficult decision for you. That being said, you are the only one who knows this is the right one. I know you will miss the guys, I will miss the amazing photos of all that food. Move on this next "thing" might be right too. Give the kitchen a rest, I still don;t know how you managed to do all that cooking anyway, and then still make dinner at home.......
Guillaume said…
This all looks delicious.
Guillaume said…
This all looks delicious.
greekwitch said…
I am sure there are a ...lot of full time jobs easier and less time consuming from your cooking for the shelter!
I would tell you to enjoy your free time but i know you better. Never a spare moment!
You did your good on earth. Now you have to do what you need to do.
petoskystone said…
Especially looking forward to hearing what you have new planned :)
Loli said…
I envy that people. They had an opportunity to eat such a delicious food so often!
Megs said…
I was wondering how long the new oven would hold up! I am a firm believer in things not being coincidences- now it is someone else's turn.
Can't wait to hear about the new project!
Heritage Hall said…
Just think of the model of goodness you have been and the joy and caring you have given and
know that well-considered decisions usually disclose your next step. Bless you for not "deserting", but spread those
Angel's wings to the new challenge, while keeping "in touch
with those whose love and respect you so graciously earned.
Bless you.
Joyce dear, how many of us out here did you hear say "what a great thing! I think I will cook for 80 hungry men three times a week too!"
I am surprised that you lasted as long as you did. They are fed..and sheltered..and had a wonderful "treat time." Now I am waiting :) to hear what other great "helping others" adventure you and your may have in the works.
The men and staff were grateful for all you did. If everyone contributed to those less fortunate, what a great world we would live in.
Big hugs and love to you for who you are and all you do.
ali said…
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Rue said…
You did a wonderful thing for them and I'm sure it was appreciated. You don't really ever stop feeding people though, homeless or not.

I'm sure your gardens will be grateful for the extra attention!