My Saturday

Remember the chain saw wood carver from the fair?  I bought this from him.  I actually wanted two but someone bought the other one before I got to it.  My first pumpkin of the year!  It is, after all, only 4 months until Halloween!
I bought this very nice bag too.  It is really big and will be great to take to fairs to carry purchases.  It is made of waxed canvas and has a leather handle.  It was hanging out in the rain when I bought it so it is very sturdy.
Teddy is doing a lot of this recently.  It has been horribly hot and humid and we have had lots of rain.  This makes her very unhappy.

 So she gets lots of treats which break up the boredom.

I bought my first watermelon.  The store only had seedless.  I don't think seedless watermelons taste as good as the ones with seeds?  I ended up turning it into watermelon drinks by adding some coconut milk and lime juice and putting it in my blender.

 I have a friend who just had a baby.  She has 3 kids under the age of 5 now.  I've been trying to take meals to her when I can.  I made them my cabbage bread:

I also made a loaf of rosemary bread and a big pasta salad.  My friend got a cooking break for the day.

Then we went on a short drive to visit a smokehouse that makes smoked butter!  This house is ready for the 4th of July!

This town is so cute, B&B's and cafes line the street.

This historic building is being redone.  It has wonderful trim work.

A nice stone church.

We stopped at a butcher shop along the way.

Corn from last year.

This farm has buffalo's!

A cute brick farmhouse.  This brick work reminds me of where we lived in Canada. There were lots of homes there done in red brick with yellow brick trim.

 A nice big barn.  I wonder if the red square is the beginning of a barn quilt. Oh, I did get my smoked butter.  As soon as I find some corn on the cob I will try it out.  Who knew you could smoke butter.  I guess you can smoke anything!


Anonymous said…
I know they sell smoked butter here but I've never dared to try it :-)

Too bad about the other pumpkin being sold, lets hope You'll meet this guy again on another fair.

I like brick houses but I've only seen a few with two colors on the bricks. I've always thought those houses looks more expensive :-)

Have a great day!
There's just something so cheery about bunting, isn't there?
Anonymous said…
thats a beautiful carving, your freind will really appreciate the food, she has her hands full for sure.
poor Teddy, its been hot here as well, its funny you said that house reminds you of Canada because it looks like my grand parents house, same style same brick, its still standing, you had a great Saturday hope Sunday is as good for you, enjoy that butter, thats a new one to me,
Candace said…
I am so envious of your pumpkin, Joyce - and you don't have to water it - wink! Just wanted you to know that I recently tried some smoked chocolate chips! I made bacon and chocolate chip cookies with them - definitely something you only try once.
Cottage Tails said…
Love your pumpkin! I bet your friend appreciated your cooking.
I love how USA has quilts on their barns
Guillaume said…
This is such a thoughtful, generous idea for your friend, and the best gift you can give for the arrival of a new baby!

I love the pumpkin and you got me in the mood for watermelons.
Barb said…
I love the pumpkin! You are so nice to cook for the lady with the small children. Love the photos of that town!
Teddy looks very happy with her treat. The watermelon looks refreshing. How sweet of you to make that meal for your friend. Sounds like she deserves some time off in the kitchen. The houses are all interesting, for sure.
PS) I LOVE the carved pumpkin.
I was sooo far off on what I thought you bought.. :) That is some takes some steady hands, I would think to carving that with a chain saw. I'm sorry you missed the other one. Is it heavy?
When you first mentioned your friend with all those little ones..I thought.."poor thing! She really has her hands full" then I remembered. I had four and the oldest one was five and the daddy was in Okinawa. I went on to have three more. What a blessing you would have been. She will never forget you. I hope she has help.
I didn't and looking back I wonder how I survived.
I haven't had a single watermelon yet. Cherries..yes. Those things are the best part of Summer.
Mele does the same exact thing Teddy does. Sprawls on the cool stone patio. SO hot here too..but not a drop of rain.
Still thinking of you taking the woman and her little ones food.
You sweet lady! :)
Smoked butter? Really? Wonder how it's going to taste!
chickpea678 said…
Wow, you are very close to some rural places! Smokehouses and very authentic looking butchers! Everything looks yummy but that watermelon drink sounds so refreshing!