Vintage Trucks at the Fair

 Now this is something you don't see everyday!  The owner is an artist and he has a unique way of decorating his old trucks.

 Click to enlarge.

 Interesting sense of humor!

 This one is so cool.

 The grill looks demonic.

 I want this truck.

 Though it is huge.

 Camel Toeing...good grief.

 But these truck are very interesting.

 I have no idea.

 He totally customizes the insides too.

 I like the burlap seat cushions.

 If you ever need your camel toed...

 You call this guy....or not.  He is now The Blog Tech's new friend.  They bonded.

 Back to the fair.

 I bought something at this booth and will show it tomorrow.  I forgot to take a pic of it.
 The first ghosts and pumpkins of the season and some very nice yellow ware.

 The chain saw wood carver on our way out. was hard to leave this place.  Here is the side of the farmhouse.

 A pergola made from timber.

 Hostas and ferns, my favorite.

 I want this farm.  I would move tomorrow...I think.  Do you see the bee skeps on the porch?

Just majestic.

Goodbye perfect farm!  I will be back in October for the next fair!


Patty Woodland said…
I'll have to show the hubby the old trucks. He will like them.
Megs said…
Funny about the trucks!
The pictures you took of the perfect farm are so beautiful! I love the shade garden. I wouldn't have wanted to leave, too!
Nellie said…
Silly trucks!
Love that farm, too! I'd like a pergola here.
I love your fair reports!
Anonymous said…
you could have used that truck hauling food to the shelter!

That is a beautiful farm house,
make an offer, one never knows!
Cottage Tails said…
Hi Joyce,
What a great house and the barn is even better.
The old pick up truck we have here is the same as the blue one in your photos (The one with the demonic grille LOL)
looking forward to the post of you dancing
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I like those old trucks, they have really gone up in price lately.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I like those old trucks, they have really gone up in price lately.
Those are pretty saucy old trucks!
Love the demonic grill on that one old ford truck.
cl said…
This place looks beautiful. Id love to see it in person - where is it and what is the name of the fair (or the one in October)? I promise not to stalk you!!

Barb said…
Interesting old trucks but the farm house is my dream place!
You have such great fairs within driving distance! That farmhouse is gorgeous!
Loli said…
I like your travels so much!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful place! I understand why You would like to have it :-)

I do like those old vintage trucks! There are a few of them over here too but I must say in better condition :-) :-)

Looking forward to see what You bought!

Anonymous said…
Hilarious trucks. Beautiful farm house. I want one of those little ghosts! Nice to see some folks peddling Halloween paraphernalia.
I can't wait to see what you bought, but I would have bought the bench...or second choice the tool carrier for plants.
chickpea678 said…
Even the entryway to the house is gorgeous! A local pizza place around here bought one of those old trucks and turned it into a mobile wood burning pizza food truck. It's super cool. The guy also has a vintage land rover
The Jammie Girl said…
What a fabulous place! My grandfather (Bev's father) would have somehow worked a deal that brought one of those trucks with him. He once got a "great deal" on an old school bus that he had towed over and plunked down in the middle of a field. He said it was for storing "important stuff". Unfortunately, the field he put it in was in full view of the house. My grandmother, who kept her one-acre yard beautifully maintained, was furious!
sandra hagan said…
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sandra hagan said…
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sandra hagan said…
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sandra hagan said…
I love old farms, long tree line ruts, and wood fence.

I love to go to a country fair. This is a lovely farm.

One day I may check back here and you will be at your new old farm in the country somewhere.