An Amish Market

 We drove in pouring rain yesterday to visit an Amish market.

 Farms in our area are really producing now.

 Giant kohlrabi, cabbages,  all kinds of broccoli, onions and tomatoes.

 This gentleman just parked his buggy.
 His family is selling peaches.

 Flowers for sale.

 Notice that the little boy wears no shoes.


 The Amish always sells lots of baked goods.

 They also sell lots of canned items.

 A pie maker.


 Amish children walking to the market.


Joy said…
Love all these photos! Such a simpler way of life! I would've gone straight to the pie lady. :-)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos, the Amish in our area do not like to have their photos taken , you were very fortunate to get such beautiful photos, they are so industrious, no slackers there! and my oh my, they DO know their pie!
Dee said…
Oh, I would love to go there. Everything looks so good.
Anonymous said…
Definetaly a market for me but I'm afraid I would have been stuck at the pie stand :-) :-)

I rarely walked barefoot when I was a kid, too much glass and stuff on the roads but my sister always did and the sould of her feet got really thick and lots of sharp things got stuck there but she never noticed it :-)

By the way, those roasted peas I got from You, they were delicious!!! I've never even heard of that before :-)

Have a great day!
Hey, what's the tractor doing in that one shot?
Guillaume said…
I think I'd love to buy some of the baked goods. But here it is too hot.
Cottage Tails said…
oh boy thanks for taking us - If I could get over not liking flying I would love to visit the Amish.
I'm a barefoot gal.
Would have gotten some peaches and canned goods. Looks like a lovely market.
Barb said…
What a delightful post. When I lived in Louisville we went up to the Ohio Amish country a few times. I miss that up here.
This looks like a great Fair, Joyce!
EVERYTHING looked wonderful. This looks like a Fair you would enjoy, but I saw mostly flowers and produce. Do they celebrate Halloween?
I recently saw a document on the Amish. They don't all do things the same. I thought they did.
Susan said…
Great market - we have a large group of Mennonites in our area and they, too, are big into the baked goods.
Patty Woodland said…
Oh what fun. Their are Mennonites here and I think Amish too but quite a drive away