Cooler Weather

 We have had the most wonderful break from hot and humid summer weather.  We were actually only 51 degrees yesterday morning and it stayed chilly all day.  If summer temps were always like this, I would like summer!  The chill in the air put me in an autumn mood so I built a nice fire last night.  It smelled wonderful with all the doors and windows open.

 I had the fountain running too.
 Teddy was content to listen to the fountain as she lay by her gate guarding her domain.

 My first okra!

 The cool weather has slowed down my tomatoes from ripening. This is a good thing because I was swimming in ripe tomatoes.

 I planted a lot of different varieties of cherry tomatoes this year and they have done very well.

 My eggplants are still small.



Anonymous said…
It has been cool here too today :-) I woke uop this morning freezing and loved it :-) It never got hot as they had predicted thankfully so I've enjoiyed the day to the fullest.

Your tomatoes look so fine! Mine are still rather small (well they are all cherry tomotoes :-) and I guess it'll take a few weeks before I get any ripe ones.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
mmm, I love smell of a wood fire, is Okra a perennial? I have never known anyone who has grown it, its not a common food here, the little egg plant are like jewels! Teddy is such a good guard!!!
Lois said…
I LOVE the cooler weather, and if I have to listen to one more Canadian complain about how cold it is I will scream. Sleeping has been fabulous, and yes, the tomatoes are a little slow, but they will come. :) Lois
Mary said…
You are having a fire....I am here wondering when I can turn OFF the AC. New England is still HOT and humid. I am having the same eggplant problems, five very small, and here we are still waiting for our tomatoes to turn red.
What cutie-patootie little eggplants!
Cottage Tails said…
i had to go convert your 51 deg to Celsius yes that is cold for summer. it is colder than here at the moments (we are 14 deg C so that is 58 for you) LOVE LOVE LOVE your fire pit.
Nellie said…
Yes! I am loving the cooler temperatures! We should have brought out our fire pit, too! My husband was too busy finishing up the yard work!
Patty Woodland said…
We had that last week but it's back up in the 90ies again
Guillaume said…
Oh lovely pictures. I could almost feel the fire and the chill in the air. Here it is hot, but it was cooler a few days ago and I did get in an autumn mood.
Barb said…
You are having a NW summer, enjoy! We are in the 80's here and the weather people call it hot!
bet that fire did smell good. Loving your eggplants.
hotter than a firecracker here! I am so darned jealous! Not a drop of rain and rumors that we will be fined if we go over certain limits...etc.etc. I think I'll move east. :(