Did You Hear Me Scream

So here I am sleepily checking my garden this morning, leaning in and picking ripe tomatoes when my eyes focus on this odd looking tomato......arghhhhh!!!!!  It was no tomato....it's alive!  A tomato hornworm and a huge one at that.  There were actually three.  OMG....I have the hornworm creepies really bad.  I feel like things are crawling on me.  Do you have these on your tomatoes and if so, how do you get rid of them?  I am no longer sleepy.  I don't like my garden anymore. Now you know why I like winter so much.  I want my mommy.
I went to another new market and bought the first Chambersburg peaches.  I hope peaches don't have peach hornworms.

Freshly picked raspberries.

A giant head of cabbage.

And pickle cucumbers.

I forgot to take a pic of this white corn before I cooked it.  It sure was good though.

So, I peeled a bunch of garlic.

And cut a bunch of dill.

And made pickles.

Now I will have to wait a few days to see if I was able to duplicate the ones I bought at the country market.

They look good.

It was cool last night so I built a fire.  Roasted hornworms.  That has a good ring to it.


Anonymous said…
oh they are such a creepy bug, I forget what my Dad did for those, I will go and look up in my journal, no worms in the cukes but that cabbage is another matte all together, we always had big time trouble with cabbage worms if not diligent, roasting the worms sounds like a plan!!! Your pickles look great, I wonder why your dill looks different than ours,
Sandy said…

From time to time we get those nasty horn worms. I refuse to use my hands to take them off the plants. I use scissors and pull them off the plant and then chop them up. That is how I get rid of mine.

Your pickles look really good, I pickled up several cucumbers myself last week making dill and bread and butter for canning.
Natasha said…
I had to chuckle at your post because last month I found one on my Tomatillio plant and it was HUGE, I think I sreamed the entire time trying to detach it from the plant. They are very strong. I threw him in the lake, I felt sad for him but it had to be done.

The organic way would just to hand pick them off but if you are not gardening oraginc then what My Grandma said she used 5% sevins dust. get it at almost any home store. apply in AM when dew is still on the plant. Or mist the plant there are directions on the bottle.

Good luck
Anonymous said…
We don't have those up here but I guess the best thing is to check for eggs ( they are usually yellow or orange and rather small) on the under side of the tomato leafs, just crush them with Your fingers.

The big catepillars, which I have to say I think are beautiful :-) is just to pick and feed the fish in Your ponds. I have trouble with a catepillar on my clematis, I just pick them and give them to my goldfish and kois in my water barrels, they just loves to eat them :-)

I love to have pickled cucumbers together with liver pate on a sandwich :-) I think that is the only thing besides beetroot that I like pickled.

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
I put my glasses on often and go out to the garden with a jar and hand pick off critters that should not be on my plants and then I feed the contents of the jar to the chickens.
FreeDragon said…
The horn worms can't hurt you. Little boys love to pull those nasty worms off, so it may be well worth it to pay .25 per worm and then let the boys stomp the worms to bits. I've heard ducks and geese like to eat horn worms, but I don't know if this is true. The worms DO turn into very beautiful moths, but they will completely destroy your tomato plants long before they ever become beautiful. Check your plants daily. Good luck.
Lois said…
My husband grew up on a farm and told me stories about those hornworms. His cousin was wearing white pants and she sat on one. The green goo never came out.
I found a worm in a piece of codfish once. I have never eaten cod since.
Marsha said…
Okay, an aesthetic challenge, but it worked for me when I did it during an infestation several years ago: snip the hornworms in half while they are on the plant, and leave them there. Their appalling remains repel their relatives. I know - ugh. But it did work.
dustbunny8 said…
They are ugly the horn worms.But I believe they turn into the lovely Sphinx moths.
Laura said…
I've never seen any in my garden. I would have squealed. I guess you just pick them off? I have no idea how to get rid of them.
I'd love to hear how your pickles turn out.
Margaret said…
I haven't seen them here or on my tomato plants. I'll be on the look out. CREEPY!
Shannon said…
Would it be okay to ask for the pickle recipe? Your pickles look delicious!
Patty Woodland said…
I don't know if he gets them or not. This is why I don't go in the garden
Nellie said…
Yuck! Hornworms! Wish I knew a suggestion.
Guillaume said…
Fresh raspberries already? We used to pick them in August in Quebec. And corn always makes me in an end of summer/beginning of autumn mood.
1st Man said…
I will never forget the first I saw one on a tomato plant. It was literally like the appeared overnight. I was reaching in to check things and surprise, there it was. They do blend in well, unfortunately for us. I put on heavy gloves and plucked them off. Hang in there!
Ewww, I have not seen that worm! Thankfully!

I hope you've mastered your pickles! What else is in the brine?

I make a pretty good pickle, heres' the link on my blog for you to check out. Have a great weekend!

Hope you find a way to rid yourself of those worms. You must be so frustrated by their appearance in your garden. I made pickles once upon a time. Yours look delicious.
Ewwww i dislike those creepy worms. They are so big! When I see them on tomatoe plants I get a twig and push them into a baggie and throw them away! Not a pretty story!
I am sure you have tomato plants and not toe-mate-toes!
greekwitch said…
Worms of any kind frighten me to my core. I can not handle them. If i see one while re potting the whole neighborhood finds out! Seriously!
Megs said…
I haven't seen hornworms since I was growing tomatoes in Massachusetts in the 70's. I haven't seen them in my tomatoes in Pa. Yet. We are not growing any this year, though.
Those pickles look so good! We are getting our local (York County) peaches here- they are great.
Barb said…
Super produce. Now I know why I do not try to grow tomatoes!
petoskystone said…
Roasted hornworms....genius :)
Jim said…
LOL! You are so funny!!
But I do hear you about loving winter! We are enduring very humid weather here and don't particularly feel 'equipped' to handle it. Takes so much energy from you and it's like walking through liquid! And this is Nova Scotia....not the deep south!
We wait for Ontario peaches here....since the ones from here are not the best. My favourite summertime fruit!
those pickles look delicious! I am sure you will be pleased.
I had to laugh on this one. I don't know what those look like but out here we have a horrible creature that has a head that totally rotates on it's body to look at you with big black eyes. Awful. The body is striped orange and black..the head is yellow I think..I think! It's been awhile since I've seen one. I think they are called potato bugs.
They can reach a length of over an inch..and are hidious!
Your horned thing sounds as bad.
I wonder what we look like to them..not to mention our size!

Yep..not a bug person..
Not blaming you for wanting your Mommy! LOL Good one, Joyce!!!
Susan said…
I'm with you - I would be screaming my head off. Good gawd, what horrid things! Now I am afraid to go out and look at my tomatoes.