Fall Decorating

 I am having computer/camera problems.  I can't load photos.  So, until the problem is resolved, I am posting pics from the past.  I am trying to figure out how I am going to decorate for Fall this year and I was scrolling through old photos. This one was from Autumn 2009 when I still had my glorious red maple out back.  I sure miss that tree.

 This was my mantel from that same year.

 I bought this little lady in Salem.

 This was the back garden last year.

 And this was the front porch.

 This was the mantel last year.

 I'm not sure how many years ago this is from.

 It must have been 2010.

 I can't wait until pumpkins hit the markets.  I have two growing in my garden.

 So, a touch of Fall and hopefully my problem will be fixed soon.


kerrdelune said…
I too love autumn and was so happy to find your blog and read this lovely post on my favorite time of the year. Thank you, and Happy Lammas! Am adding you to my list of favorite places (or caravanserais).
Susan said…
Wow~! I love your fireplace! It's gorg-ee-ous! And the front porch decorations could grace a magazine cover. Talent!
Barb said…
Each year I look forward to see your Fall/Halloween decorating. You always do a wonderful job!
Anonymous said…
I have heard of others having that trouble loading photos, your home is so beautiful, you certainly are talented at creating beautiful rooms, amazing Fall decor, I could look at it all year!
Anonymous said…
Your front porch was magnificent last year!

I do like those signs You have, especially the one saying there's no Halloween without a witch. Here it's no easter without one :-)

Have a great day and I hopoe Your computer/ camera problems get solved quick!
"Halloween without a witch is no Halloween at all" -- truer words were never spoken!
Frances N said…
What beautiful decorations! They are all lovely, so I'm sure this year will be fabulous, too!
Guillaume said…
I am getting in an autumnal mood myself. Lovely pictures.
Just what I needed to see today.... a touch of autumn. LOVE everything.
Joyce..every single mantel is wonderful! I've not a clue what I will do this year..I did invest in some black sparkly spooky houses..three to be exact. TALL ones..but where to put them is another thing. I need to start thinking about it.
Probably something simple as PH is not enthusiastic about anything to do with home decor, inside or out.
I do it for me and my kids although they do their own thing now and have for awhile.
Your front porch last year was stunning!
Kim said…
LOve your Halloween decor and I am going to try to do my front door like yours, love porch decor, as you can see on my blog. AWESOME!!
Sharon said…
I just love all your decor its stunning. xx