Fall is on the Way

I couldn't help myself.  I got the Fall pillows and the plaid throw out and placed them on the sofa.  It just seemed like the right time. We are in for some cool Fall-like weather this week and just thinking about it put me in the mood.
 We went back to the country market in the mountains and as soon as I stepped out of the car, I saw this display.  Pumpkins and toadstools!  My favorites. Click to enlarge.

 Lots of pretty flowers.

 All kinds of berries.  I bought freshly picked blueberries which were delicious.

 I am obsessed with the dill pickles I keep buying at this stand.  I am studying recipes and will try to duplicate them soon.

 Free samples of kettle corn.

 Unique tacos.

 I love that I can buy grass fed beef and free range chicken here.


 Wood carvings.

 Cute house on the way out.

 Look what I brought home!  I bought them at that first booth.  They are made from poured stone and they are very heavy.  Don't they look real?

 It was hard to get a pic of this but it is a large vintage slate chalkboard.  It is built with real slate which makes it very heavy.  The Blog Tech can vouch for this since he was the one that carried it to the car.  All of the above will eventually be used to decorate my front porch for Fall.


Anonymous said…
Yes those pumpkins do look real! Thgey actually have the exact same color as the ones I bought last autumn :-)

I do like that market and that wood carving of the flying owl is just amazing!

Have a great day!
Oh, please send some cool fall like weather my way! Actually its not been too bad, but that can change on a dime. What a great market! Maybe I'll put on my walking shoes and make the trek up to Berkeley Springs farmer's market (lovely place here in WV) and see what's on the "menu" today. And those faux pumpkins you found are, well, WOW! super fantastic! Will last forever and ever - how cool! Cindy from TheCranesNest.com
You are seriously jonesing for Halloween, aren't you? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.
Jan said…
I am loving it!!! Thank you! It fills my heart with joy to see others such as I, who love autumn so much that it is never just a season. This is why I love my one room witch cottage. It is filled with autumn, witches and Halloween "stuff" that I can enjoy 365 days a year :) Did I forget to mention that my witch collection also is on display in my kitchen all year, too!

Autumn Hugs
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh, that owl, wow, I love that owl!!!
You pumpkins are amazing, so life like,
the Blog Tech earned his dinner today!
Megs said…
Those pumpkins are wonderful! That market is so full of good stuff. I love pickled stuff, and go to an Amish pickle bar stand and load up. They even do pickled green tomatoes.
I am starting to see my zinnas get bigger, so I am ready for fall, too.
Barbara F. said…
I am enjoying summer as much as I can, which is just moderately enjoyable lol. I am looking forward to fall too. I love those pumpkins, they look absolutely real. And the huge chalkboard. Wish I had a fair like this within decent driving distance for me. xo
1st Man said…
I TOTALLY thought those pumpkins were real. Wow, how pretty. They are works of art for sure. We have some nice farmers markets around town but not THIS nice. I wished there was something more like that here. Enjoy the upcoming cool weather (how weird is that?). Think our 'cool' will be in the 80's but hey, 80's in mid July is unheard of around these parts. We'll take what we can get!
Cottage Tails said…
Smile your porch is gonna look beautiful by the time you have decorated it. Grass fed beef and free range chicken nothing finer indeed!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
My pumpkins are growing and should be large by fall but they are the green and white cooking kind not orange. I won't think about fall for awhile.
Sherry said…
I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and I love fall.....it can't come soon enough for me!
H.A. Blackthorn said…
I want that flying owl carving! That market looks like a lot of fun.
Guillaume said…
I was feeling in an autumnal mood today as well, as it looked and felt like September. But no, it is still summer, it came back in full force this weekend.

And lovely pics, as usual.
Joyce, I almost ran screaming from this post when I read you started decorating for Autumn! LOL

I love your cement pumpkins, they look so real! I'm sure your porch will be stunning!

I'm enjoying the summer! :)
coke said…
I am sure some of the people who read your blog are from the state of Ohio so it would be nice if you would tell us where some of these places you visit are located.Your pumpkins are perfect. SANDi
Barb said…
Great things! I thought the pumpkins were real. What a nice market!
Those pumpkins look real, indeed. LOVELY.
OKAY! This was a good Fair. Those pumpkins DO look real..I would never have guessed they weren't and you can leave them all year round. :)
Fall..just hearing you say it...makes it so! No cool weather here..but I am so ready and it's like that every year. It seems like I was just looking at your heaters and Teddy enjoying the warmth from the snow. Time is flying by. I love the slate chalk board too! Putting it on your front porch? Will it be alright there? I can't wait to see what you do with it!
Rue said…
Those stone pumpkins are fantastic! How wonderful to have gorgeous specimens all year round. Awesome haul from that market!