Summer Garden

 It is the peek of summer.

 I know this because the Oakleaf Hydrangeas are just starting to turn pink.

 This is a sure sign in my gardens that Fall is on the way.

 This is the other telltale sign. The Salem Witch daylilies are ready to bloom.  They always bloom by the 4th of July.

 My cukes and zukes are putting out lots of blossoms but none are setting so far.

 I have lots of green tomatoes.

 The cherry tomatoes are being eaten already.  I don't have enough ripe ones to make it into the house. These get eaten on the spot.

Roma tomatoes....I can't wait to make sauce!


Laurie M said…
it is magnificent! have a great day!
Today it feels like autumn already has arrived here but it will get warmer they say, at least for a day or two :-)

Thankfully the nights have become a bit warmer so some plants are actually growing again :-)

Have a great day!
There is great promise held in all those green tomatoes!
Cottage Tails said…
ahhhh summer garden - just perfect!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. It feels very summery here.
Barb said…
What pretty garden photos! I made the lemon scones yesterday. They are almost gone and I have only one person, the DH, living here!!!!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Your tomatoes are doing much better than mine, good work!
I'm happy to see your garden is thriving! My garden is a bust so far this summer! Where did you get those Salem Witch Day Lilies? I HAVE to get some!

Happy 4th!
Loli said…
Nice garden, but where is it's guardian? )
LOVE roma tomatoes. Everything looks wonderful.
Deb said…
It is SO hot here in London, not typical weather at all. We're having a proper summer and I'm going to savor every moment. You garden is stunning.