Trough Garden

 My first cucumber!

 The tomatoes are doing pretty good growing in the troughs.

 I only have a couple really small zucchinis.

 These black cherry tomatoes are delicious.

 My eggplants are slow.  Only one has set so far.

 The yellow cherry tomatoes are producing the highest yield so far.

 One of these tomato plants has a lone tomato on it and another plant is tomato-less.

 I bought a few sunflowers because my other ones drowned from all the rain we had.  Teddy has been eating the leaves again.  What is in sunflower leaves that she likes?

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas continue to darken.

The sunflower muncher.


Anonymous said…
So You finally have some zucchinis, small but still :-) Lets hope no pests decides to eat them now :-)

Everything grows so much better in troughs and pots than in the ground this year so I'll do more of that next year, too bad they need watering more than those in the ground :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
eveything looks great, will the eggplants have time to mature? I'm uncertain of your growing season,
Jan said…
Your photos are so beautiful that you make me want to go out and plant something!
I love container gardening, but I let my "wildflower patch" grow any way it cares to each year.
Only, Teddy knows for sure why she loves to eat those sunflower leaves. But, I am sure that she has her reasond :))
Nellie said…
Everything looks very healthy! We've never grown yellow cherry tomatoes.
Patty Woodland said…
Things are not growing all that well here - well except for the strawberries! - probably due to the heat we have been having
Ranni Moonbeam said…
Our garden is coming along but the tomato plants look like they're not going to make it. Parts of most of them are dry and brown, odd given the bucket loads of rain we've had!

Beautiful pictures! Love the sunflowers though, I wouldn't eat the leaves personally, lol.
Cottage Tails said…
Good to see your garden progress. I could of stolen one of those cherry tomatoes and plopped it in my moth. LOVE your sunflower muncher
Mary Ann said…
I've never heard of a sunflower seed eating dog! I had to laugh!
We have a good yield on our potted tomato, but have yet to have one ripen. I hope it will be soon!
Guillaume said…
Oh I'd love to grow tomatoes and aubergines!
Barb said…
Everything is coming along nicely! I wish we had better luck with tomatoes!
Everything looks like it's growing great! I don't think I have the stamina to grow a garden..but next year I have my extra big pot for tomatoes and those I will do.
People eat Sunflower know. Maybe Teddy knows something we don't. :)
The sunflower muncher is cute as pie.
What a lovely garden! I spotted my first cucumber and yellow squash yesterday. Hopefully I'll have a ton of them soon. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures :)
Rue said…
Everything looks so healthy & fantastic! We are having 90-100 degree days, so my gardens are wilting. I have to water twice a day and I do a lot of pleading with the plants to "hang in there!"
Loli said…
Hi Teddy! Why do you look grumpy?