What's growing In Your Garden?

The potting table is showing signs of Fall.  The garden centers are stocking Fall flowers now and I bought some.
 Lots of large green tomatoes.

Some are turning red.

 Roma tomatoes.

 Cherry tomatoes.

 My first tiny cucumber right there in the middle.

 Nasturtiums are flowering.

 A perfect day lily.


 and white clematis.

 Candy corn vine.

 Puppy butt.

 Basil growing from seed.




Guillaume said…
Lavender right now, but it is not my garden sadly.
So lovely! My garden consists of a pot of flowers sitting on my balcony.
Anonymous said…
everything is growing great, except the puppy butt, she keeps her girlish figure always,
Cottage Tails said…
these summer garden photos are making me itch for summer. Nothing like fresh tomatoes. (we only eat them in season)
Laura said…
beautiful garden. i left mine behind when i moved a little over a week ago. i do have a few potted plants and they seem to be doing well.

ps...hugs & kisses to Teddy!
Anonymous said…

Well it's a kind of break here right now. Poppies and Californian poppies flowers and a few roses. The Musk mallow too but that's about it. I have a few tomato plants with flowers now so with a bit of luck I might get some that ripen :-)

I've picked some gooseberries and black currants, I was thinking of making a pie on Monday after I've been to the store and bought lots of ice cream :-)

Have a great day!
M. Silvius said…
Wow your tomatoes are way ahead of mine. Mine are only about 3/4 of a inch across.
Barb said…
Everything is looking great. I have lots of flowers in bloom right now!
ann caffrey said…
I laughed so hard when I got to puppy butt! Your garden looks awesome!!!
I alway begin to mentally hurry toward Fall about now..and I know I really shouldn't. I need to slow down and savor every single moment I have left..but it's hard not to.
I am looking forward..as always, to you your Fall decor. That bird cage is HUGE. I see Puppy butt made it into this picture too! LOL
Teddy has a good view of the pool for sure. Love those olives.