A Garlic Festival

 We headed to the highlands to attend a garlic festival.  Interesting low lying clouds.

 We passed some wonderful farms.

 And finally arrived at our destination.

 It cost 5.00 per person to enter.  Most festivals are free.

 I've never seen a floor like this before.  These are 2 X 4's.  Click for a closer look.

 Doesn't look like much of a festival does it?

 Raised beds.

 They had one tent set up with two tables selling garlic.

 No one was tending this table so we couldn't get any info on these garlics.

 Music seed garlic.

 Dining room/gift shop.  It was sort of hard to figure out what was going on at this place.

 I guess eventually there was going to be some sort of demonstrations but there was no information about anything.

 Spinach and garlic dip.....bleeeeeck!  It got tossed fast.  We left.

 At least we found a farmer's market on the way home.  I bought Teddy a chicken which was "free of fecal sludge", thank god!

So, not a good festival day.  You really don't know what to expect until you get there!


Anonymous said…
Too bad since they actuallky wanted You to pay to get in! Better luck next time I hope.

I forgot to show a few things I got at the plant swapping day, I got seeds for sand leek ((Allium scorodoprasum. It grows in the wild here and can be used much like the common leek. Like all alliums it spreads insanely :-) I must find out when it's time to sow it though.

Have a great day!
Very nice picture! Thank you!
Alicia Foodycat said…
Are you *sure* you were there on the right day?! The nerve of expecting you to pay an entry fee for that!
Anonymous said…
oh my Lord, fecal sludge in the same sentence as chicken is a big yuck to me, oh my!!That was a disappointing event, except Teddy got a fecal free chicken,
Cottage Tails said…
what a shame- maybe you were too early??? Or it was just a flop. We don't have such festivals here.
Well the festival may have been a bust but at least you got to see beautiful scenery along the way. And you got chicken.
Barb said…
Have you ever been to the sauerkraut festival in Waynesville, Ohio. When I lived in Louisville my sister and I always went . We had a good time. They even made sauerkraut brownies!( No, I did not try them) Why mess up sauerkraut with chocolate??!! It was in the fall and there were nice fall decorations. Now, that was at least 15 years ago, so who knows about now.
Susan said…
Cripers! You should have gotten your money back - what a bomb. I think calling that a 'festival' is a bit of a stretch! Thank goodness for the fecal sludge free chicken. I wonder if they really thought that through as far as a marketing draw. Erk.
Morning! By the time you got to "Bleeek! We left!" I was saying..sheesh! Why dont' they just leave. There should have been folks there explaining what was happening, going to happen or had already happened before you arrived.
I take it the chips and dip were..yuk? What a downer,Joyce.
Shoot. I mean, I saw almost no one. Looked like they were closed..or it just was going to be a total bust! Sorry. :( Was expecting all sorts of delicious goodies..and for you two to come home smelling of garlic..and glowing stories to tell of the food.
Fecal sludge?? Yikes! Grandparents raised chicken..and they eat bugs in the yard..but..fecal?? Never saw that.
Amanda said…
garlic!!! i love it! great photos!