A Pumpkin

Look what came out of my garden yesterday!  My first pumpkin of the year.  We had to pick it because the vine was dying.
 I am still cooking with local blueberries as much as I can.  I've frozen lots of them too.  I made my family blueberry French toast for breakfast on Sunday.

I thought this was worth passing along.  It is brilliant.


Anonymous said…
What a lovely pumpkin !! Your toast looks so yummy.
The written piece really says it all. It is so true !!
Have a magical day.
Anonymous said…
thats a handsome pumpkin, I love the mottled look, it should be orange by Halloween, maybe sooner won't it.
I think more thought and attention to depression may be a result of the loss of this brilliant man.
dustbunny8 said…
When I read that comment about mental illness I had a moment of clarity to.As someone who has dealt with mental illness in their family it really helped.I guess when someone you love is sick we just see how much we don't want to lose them, not how tired of the fight they are.
p.s.I'm looking forward to pumpkin time too!
Cottage Tails said…
Ahh yea first pumpkin I bet that made you mighty happy.
Very true bit of writing.
Anonymous said…
Nice pumpkin!

I've just finished with the mushrooms I picked during our walk after work, they turned out quite nice :-)

That text is well worth thinking of.

Have a great day!
Love the pumpkin. GREAT newspaper piece. It is so true.
That's a great commentary about Robin Williams. Very true. I hope it gets around on the internet.
Brillant text - thumbs up!
Maybe such open articles will help change things..maybe,

I don't think I have ever seen a pumpkin like that. Your pots are wonderful. Is the Kitchen Aid mixer coming out to be displayed? :)