We went to a really interesting festival yesterday and I have tons of photos to sort through so I thought I would just post more Fall decorations today.
 Slowly but surely I am getting things out of storage.

 A redware black cat.

 Handcarved Jack O' lantern people.

 This was my stone table last year right after I decorated it.

 This was it the next day after the squirrels found it.

The scariest creature of them all!


I do like those tiny hands in the window :-)Well I do like it all but especially those.

Thunderstorms here today and now it will be rally hot for the rest of the day and tomorrow as well. Not even close to autumn yet, at least there's nofeeling of it.

Have a great day!

I can for some reson not use my new blog name when I post here, Wordpress says I don't own that name??? So when one click on my name they'll be linked to the old blog, really annoying!
Yes, it will be here before we know it! Actually, we're having crazy cool weather here this year, and I'm lovin it! It feels like a fall morning out there right now.

Lovin' the green pumpkin! Actually everything, and I bet those squirrels wouldn't bother your lovely display if "the scariest creature" was in their midst!
Guillaume said…
Oh how lovely pictures! I am longing more and more for autumn. Here it is hot today, but the evenings are cooler and the sun goes down a little bit earlier.
Patty Woodland said…
AWwww, poor Teddy.

I'm glad you had fun!
Cottage Tails said…
your collections are amazing. we have nothing like this in NZ
Joyce F said…
Love seeing all your Fall decorations. I don't put many out any more. I'm ready for Fall weather though we have had a kind summer, some hot days, but occasional showers of rain too. Today is cloudy in fact and I know rain is in the forecast for the end of the week.
Love the redware cat and those hands. And of course Teddy. Who is cute as can be.
Barb said…
What a cute picture of Teddy. It is so hot out here, I can't even think of fall! But I do love seeing your pictures!
I loved the frogs and the frogs on the cauldron. Wonderful! The black cats..I collect them too...I am struggling not to bring out my stuff but today I opened some black spooky houses I had sent for, not great but just decor stuff..and ended up sticking them up on the mantel. I didn't want to put them away..but of course I probably should. Then I asked Joyce and she said I could put my Halloween stuff out as early as I wanted. She said.."it's YOUR house, do what you want, when you want!" You said that..didn't you Joyce??! :) Well, she would have if I had asked!
Happy decorating my friend. The best pictures of all were the Banquet of the Squirrls at October Farm! :) And of course Teddy poo looking out of the back of a car? That must be an old picture..right?
OH..I almost forgot. I've never seen a green pumpkin before!! Really neat!
I love your d├ęcor! I look forward to your post!
Sandy said…

You always have beautiful decorations for Autumn.
Loli said…
Hi Teddy! Did you finally let to take yourself in a car?