Apple Cinnamon Swirl Bread

I made the bread I showed the other day only this time I made it with apples.  The recipe is here: 

This bread is apparently so good that one of my friends said the she was doing cartwheels over it.  I highly doubt that though it does sound like she really liked it.  Just use apples in place of the pears.

And remember to let the apples and apple syrup cool before adding it to the recipe.  If it is too hot it will kill the yeast.

When it rises you get a bread butt.  Kim Kardashian?

I have an aversion to all cinnamon bread.  I think the nasty stuff with raisins did me in when I was a kid.  I hated that stuff. So I did not eat any of this.

But everyone who did said that it was some of the best they ever tasted.


Anonymous said…
I love anything with cinnamon :-) I like apples and cinnamon together even more and add some raisins and I'm in heaven :-)

I'll go to te grocery store tomorrow so I hope I'll remember to buy both apples and peaches so I can try both ways :-)

Have a great day!

You would have loved the morning we had today, sunshine, fog and only 37F :-)
Guillaume said…
More autumnal food. Yum.
Nellie said…
It sounds absolutely delicious!
Ellen in Oregon said…
Kim Kardashian has probably taken a photo of your magnificent "bread butt" on her iPhone & is running to have her plastics person reshape hers to look like your amazing bread butt. That didn't come out quite right, but you know what I mean.
I used to feel the same aversion for all things cinnamon raisin. Those black leather raisins with the narley taste gave a lot of us baby boomers bad memories. I finally made 2 changes that have me eating cinnamon raisin bread as well as bread pudding and rice puddings again. The 1st was to use the best golden raisins I can find.They are nothing like the black raisins we grew up avoiding.I actually like their sweet taste & soft moist texture.The 2nd improvement was to buy a bottle of Saigon Cinnamon I found at Costco for $3.57. It has a more intense taste than regular cinnamon & a slight bit of very mild heat in the mouth. It is the only kind of cinnamon I use now & everyone who has eaten my baked goods the past couple of years has commented that they didn't think the flavor could have been improved & asked what I had done to kick it up a notch. Now I enjoy cinnamon raisin bread and make recipes that I promised myself as a kid that I would never eat again. I will try making the pear & apple this weekend when our temps. are supposed to dip below 90 for the first time in months. Maybe your fall decorating is hastening autumns arrival.
Thanks for the Teddy pics yesterday.It was good to see her again despite being aloof.
I can't believe you have an aversion to anything you make. I bet this filled your house with the most delicious smells baking.
Jim said…
You're killing me here!!
Patty Woodland said…
I have a similar recipe using challah dough. It's deadly delicious