Autumn Porch

I started decorating my front porch yesterday.  I need more orange pumpkins and the mums still have to bloom but at least it is a start.
 I started with a leaf garland.  Click for a closer look.

 I added life sized sunflowers.  I hope Teddy doesn't try to eat these leaves!

 I added some glittery leaves under the big pumpkins.

 Then some colored leaves.  I added Chinese lanterns and some decorative grasses.

 The small pumpkins need to be moved to the back garden and I need a bunch of orange ones for the steps.  To be continued!

 This is my favorite decoration. 


Anonymous said…
it all looks so beautiful and the big decoration at the bottom is the best of all!
Oh yes, just look at Teddy lying there thinking about eating those sunflower leaves!
Nellie said…
Teddy is the perfect extra touch!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful and a lion on the stairs just makes it perfect :-)

Have a great day!
Susan said…
WOW~! That is beautiful!!! You put my puny decorations to shame. I LOVE the furry one. She's a doll!
WOW! Can you come decorate my front porch? So ready to transition from summer to fall
Cottage Tails said…
I just adore your decorating.
Barb said…
Teddy does make a wonderful decoration! You have made a great start on the porch. I always look forward to your Fall blog posts!!!
Guillaume said…
What can I say? I adore your porch.
Amanda said…
so beautiful, can't wait till fall! Down here in South Carolina it is still 90 degrees! I'm envisioning pumpkins, apple cider, and mums as I look at your awesome front porch :)
Your pictures are beautiful and your blog design sings to me of Autumn. Lovely.
Patty Woodland said…
Is Teddy dreaming of a sunflower garden?
Well, you are off to a great start. Now I get to watch your porch morph for the next couple of weeks until by the time Autumn is is a glorious golden entry into your home. I have done nothing to mine at all..and today my neighbor came over and asked what was wrong with me! She is right..I am late! Those large pumpkins are wonderful!
Teddy? Well, I've a feeling she means business there at the entry of her home...yep..wouldn't want to mess with her... :)
Looks wonderful. Love that last picture with Teddy. How sweet.
Velva said…
It must mena that there are cooler temps on the way! Love it!

Loli said…
That fluffy decoration is very Halloween-style )) I mean the colour