Pear and Vanilla Jam

 I found some ripe pears at the market the other day and turned them into pear and vanilla jam. These are the ingredients: 
  • 8 cups diced ripe pears
  • 2 vanilla beans, split and scraped
  • 2 cups sugar (depends on how sweet your pears are)
  • 1/2 packet liquid pectin
Put everything except the pectin in a heavy pot and cook over medium at  a simmer until the pears start to break down.  Use a stick blender to puree the mixture.  Add the pectin and cook until it begins to thicken.  I rarely use pectin in jam but pears are pretty watery so I used 1/2 pack for this recipe.  Pour the jam into jars and can or refrigerate it.

 I made homemade white bread for toast and served it with good butter.


Guillaume said…
That looks delicious and very autumnal. Kerrygold butter is veyr common here in the UK.
Jim said…
I want you to be my own personal chef!!
This looks scrumptious!
Anonymous said…
Do You know what, I've never done anything with pears except for eating them :-) I have however had a jar of home made pear jam but I can't remember any taste of vanilla. I think I will do this if I can find good enough pears and that's hard because either they are like stones and ripe and get over ripe withinh an hour or they are already to ripe in the store :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
I have never had pear jam. Sounds yummy.
Pears are so good...and this looks great but I know I will never try it. I'm a coward...I would screw it up, Joyce...I know I would. It looks, as always, so delicious!
Kay said…
Oh Yum! This looks wonderful!