Robin Williams

I am devastated.       
Who will ever make us laugh like Robin Williams did?

 Gone far too soon.  So terribly sad.


dustbunny8 said…
Celebrities rarely affect me but this one has.He's a icon for my age group and he had so much more going on you could not help but be touched by his genius and kindness.I wish for him peace in his journey.
Patty Woodland said…
It was shocking and so very sad. He was absolutely brilliant and so quick with a turn of phrase
I think I didn't miss a single one of his movies - he was a genius - too, too sad!
Susan said…
No one will ever take his place. He was unique. He was brilliant.
I got a bit sad when I read it in the news this early morning. The world is a bit sadder now.

Guillaume said…
I am about to writ my own post about it. It is indeed sad news, even though I was not his biggest fan. Too often in later days he played a caricature of himself. I think he was at his best in serious movies, playing darker or wounded characters.
A shocking tragedy. He has shown us once again that comedic genius is too often joined with emotional pain.
Ian's Girl said…
It was shocking that he died, but that it was suicide just makes it a thousand times worse. He's at peace now, thankfully, but my goodness what a loss for the rest of us.
Ellen in Oregon said…
News of his death is hard to process & is beyond tragic for his family. Major Depression is such a devastating mental illness & when the person is left without adequate support, a successful suicide can be carried out. It is particularly sad that a man who was so gifted, kind, worked tirelessly for charities & always had a kind word of encouragement for others, could not have a single support person to help him resist that fleeting moment of suicidal impulse. I hope this terrible loss reminds people that when we see serious mental changes in those we know, we need to make sure they are safe from self-harm.

I will always be grateful to Robin Williams for filling my life with many hours of memorable entertainment. As a little kid I loved Mork & Mindy. My adulthood was made richer for all the decades of comedy and outstanding dramatic performances Robin Williams created/performed. The World has a bit less laughter in it now that he is gone.
1st Man said…
SO much talent and he made us all laugh so much even during the darkest times of the world for us. Little did we know he was battling his own darkness deep inside. What a gift that we were able to share the world with him for all these years. Now he is gone and the world has gone a bit dark again. Who will make us laugh now?
Such a unique talent tragically lost. Will miss his wit and acting.
Kay said…
I was in shock when I heard that he'd passed away. He was only 63. Then I heard it was suicide. How awful that he gave us so much joy and laughter, but couldn't find enough for his own happiness.
I know what you mean, he was such a great actor and person. He will be missed by very many !!
I only hope he knew how much he was loved and what a huge loss we feel at his choosing to leave us. We are all trying to understand something that we can only guess at.