The End of the Summer

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are turning brown.  Summer is waning.

 Teddy is always so busy in her garden.

 My carrots never got very big.  I guess I needed to thin them more than I did.

 These tomatoes are the size of softballs.

 Tomatoes and eggplants.

 Roma and cherries.

 It seems like every time I walk outside, I bring at least a handful of these inside. They ripen so quickly. I have them in red, orange and yellow.

 Peppers continue to grow. I haven't harvested too many peppers but the ones we've eaten have been wonderful.

 Okra, herbs, tomatoes and flowers.

 I leave a trails of clippings behind everywhere I go.  My husband picks them up.

 Another fire last's football season!

 The corner of shame.....plants still not planted, fertilizers that have not fertilized.

My dead maple, slaughtered by a bad neighbor.  It put out some new growth which quickly died.  It will come down next spring and be replaced with a new pergola for privacy.


Smiled about the trail of clippings. Picking your own veggies is always nice. They taste better when you grow them yourself. Teddy looks so sweet out there in the garden. That new pergola sounds wonderful, indeed.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Still summer here and still raining this morning, have fun getting ready for fall.
Your husband cleans up after you? Hang onto him!
Anonymous said…
beautiful fall approaching photos, are those Delphiniums or Larkspar maybe,,, waiting to be planted? to bad about the maple,,
Guillaume said…
It does feel like autumn is looming here too.
Anonymous said…
So sorry about the maple tree. Some people !!
Your tomatoes look great. I planted a pepper plant too, but haven't had any harvest yet. I hope it's not too late. Autumn seems to come quickly here in The Netherlands.
Have a magical day.
Marsha said…
You are brave to show your corner of shame - it looks like mine, and it makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in my reach exceeding my grasp. I envy you your tomatoes - in our area, the tomatoes are still stubbornly green. Your garden is a joy to see.
Anonymous said…
Nice tomatoes! My first tiny ones are still green, I wonder if it's because of our rather chilly nights it takes so long for them to ripe.

Too bad about that maple, I had hopes the roots in Your garden would be enough for it to survive.

Have a great day!
Barb said…
How horrid about the tree! I keep wishing Summer would leave quickly!!!!!!!
1st Man said…
End of summer? Come down here, can have some of ours if you miss it, LOL!!!

Makes me wish I had planted at least some large pots...I will next year. At least tomatoes, squash, zuchini.
Those I would used up fast! Egg plant..maybe.
You are right..Autumn is in the air. This morning was gorgeous..and stayed that way until about 3:30 then suddenly shot up to 90 degree's. Yep...still summer here but it's on it's way out..and can be hot all it wants...I'm getting ready to bring out Fall stuff. Ohhh...gotta write you a letter! :)
Lois said…
My tomatoes are just beginning, beautiful red, purple and yellow ones. Cucumbers have been wonderful as well. Our summer has been moderate, not as hot as other summers and that suits me very well. Yesterday we drove to a lake for a swim.
wendywoo said…
I also have a corner of shame, I guess all gardeners do! Just an fyi on the carrots, you can find pelleted seeds that makes planting much easier and thinning almost unnecessary!
Kay said…
I'm sorry that summer is leaving you too soon, but glad your garden gave you the treasures it did. So sad about the maple though.