Twins Days Festival

This was one of the more interesting festivals we have ever attended.  The Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.  This is the largest twins festival in the world.
Click on any of the photos for a closer look.  As we pulled into town, we noticed a few pairs of twins walking towards the parade.  We were like...oh look, some twins.

The closer we looked all we saw were twins.

That's when I started feeling like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Apparently Twins do not mind posing for photos.

I couldn't figure out why all of the twins looked like hippies until we found out that each year they have a different theme for the parade.  This years was the 60's.

Honestly, I think just plain twins would have been interesting enough.

And it is not just for twins either.  We saw plenty of triplets and a few sets of quads.

We even saw twins watching twins.

When I think of twins, I just think about their faces looking the same.  But when you are surrounded by them, you see that everything about them is exactly the same, even their expressions and movements.

At times it was sort of creepy.  This woman has a shirt that reads; Another Day in Pair-adise.  Some twins were carrying signs that read:  Save water, share a womb.

The Double Take Parade.

At a certain point, I was feeling strange not having a double.

It was also weird seeing baby twins as well as really old twins. I felt like asking the really old twins why they hadn't grown out of this by now. 

I would much rather see them without the hippie garb.  Maybe next year.  More tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
I've never saw anything like this, its amazing, the Barbies in the boxes, wow!
Nellie said…
As a mother of twins (now almost 40 years old), I once thought it would be neat to go to this gathering. I did not ever make a big deal of dressing the girls alike - unless I dressed all three (our oldest was 20 months old when her sisters were born), and the twins are fraternal. At one point people would think we had triplets.
Patty Woodland said…
You mean you did not have double the fun?
Cottage Tails said…
Never ever heard of anything like this before. They all look like they are having a fun time.
Lois said…
Oh wow! That would be so strange. I always insisted that if I had twins I would not dress them alike, mostly because my inlaws were so into doing that, and I was quite contrary. My sister had twins, fraternal, one blond who always wore blue, and one dark hair who wore brown or green. In the 1970s there was not a lot of choices out there for boys. Have a great day! L
Anonymous said…
That festival is very well known over here, they shown it on tv. Twin humor is a bit odd :-) :-)

I was actually supposed to be a two egg triplet but only I made it.

Have a great day!
Susan said…
They do say we all have a twin somewhere....I went to the festival years ago. I had the same feeling - it was...unsettling. But fun.
What fun!

My mom had twin boys 13 mos. after me! Can you imagine? Three babies in diapers!

Lots of twins in my family!

Guillaume said…
What an original idea for a festival! They should do a performance of Twelfth Night.
All those double takes. Looks like a real fun time. I would have been self conscious without a twin, myself.
You must have stuck out like a twinless thumb! I bet by the end you wanted your own twin, didn't you?
People stare when they see just one set of twins...this is really something special to see.
Ian's Girl said…
Oh, how fun! Twins run on both sides of my family, but I'm a mere single.

I'm sure most of the older twins are well over it for the most part, and probably hated it growing up, but now enjoy celebrating their dualness every so often.