Okay, I guess I am still adding to my witch collection because I just bought these two girls.  They are vintage witch broom holders. You nail them to the wall and the broom handle goes through the loop.  I have a couple others and will continue to look for more because I am going to use them as shutter latches on the exterior of my house.  Perfect.
 I also found another one of these bronze witch corkscrews. Click for a closer look.

 The middle spell book is new too.

 I got this about a month ago.

 These sit on my desk.

 I'm not sure what the original use for this was.  Perhaps a matchstick holder?  I use it to hold my stamps.

 I recently found another witch boot scrape.  She needs a new coat of paint.

 Then she can join these ladies.  At some point these will be permanently installed outside.  I just haven't figured out where I want to use them yet. I know it is 91 days until Halloween, these photos were taken yesterday.

 The Fall redware is on display.

Here is a witch boot scrape I bought and it's painted white.  A white witch?  I think not.  I will paint her too.  And if anyone sees me buying anymore redware anywhere, just shoot me.


FreeDragon said…
I think your stamp holder is a candle stick. I like the broom holders, I've never heard of such. Down here in the South we just hang brooms on nails.
Mary Ann said…
Gosh, I know it's only August 1, but I am already thinking fall decorating, too! I love the witch boot scraper!
Anonymous said…
I do like those broom holders! And Your spell books are just beautiful!

Still too warm to think of autumn yet even if it comes closer and closer, probably only one month left until we have the first night frost here.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
ha ha, no no, we won't shoot you, I think its wonderful to have a passion for something as you do, besides we all get to enjoy looking at it, I never would have known these things even existed!
Cottage Tails said…
I just love your witch collection. I'd die for one of the broom holders
H.A. Blackthorn said…
Colour me jealous of all your amazing Witch stuff! I'm so looking forward to autumn; it's been unusually hot this summer over here in the Pacific Northwest.
I love the vintage witch broom holders. They will make wonderful shutter latches. The spell books are simply amazing. As is everything else.
Guillaume said…
I am in an autumnal mood too since today. I love those witches.
Barb said…
You have the most amazing witch collection!!!!I have never seen many of the things you have found. I am getting eager for fall.Your house makes me even more so.
I am already searching for my new Witch! Even my neighbor across the street, inquires almost daily now, if I have found my new Witch.
This is the month the hunt begins.
FALL is creeping up on October Farm!! :)