A Country Store

 We came across this country store on our way back from a festival last weekend.

 They have a pumpkin pavilion!  How cool is that?

 Be still my heart.

 A scarecrow on guard.

 Pumpkins large and small.

 I like this drape made from fall leaves.

 Oh yeah!

Pumpkin restocking underway.


Anonymous said…
they are beautiful aren't the, orange is such a happy color,
Sunnybrook Farm said…
You could run that place!
Looks like a beautiful autumn day too.
sandra hagan said…
fall is especial happy for me. I love to see a beautiful market filled with bright warm colors.
Anonymous said…

I wish it could look more like that here!

Have a great day!
Debby said…
Love places like that in the fall. I love going to the pumpkin patch and to the apple orchard. Happy Fall.
Guillaume said…
Lovely country stores.
Love stores like that. Liking that scarecrow on guard too. PUMPKINS must be protected from scavengers like me.
Barb said…
What a terrific store!! I would love to find one like that out here.
The time and effort that must go into making such a wonderful place to shop for folks that love Fall, is hard to imagine.
Oh..by the way...it was 105 degree's today. I could cry!
Deb said…

When I saw the sign "It's apple cider and donut time" I felt a twinge of nostalgia for Vermont, where I grew up. These were fall standbys. I love a good donut :)