A Fall Day in the Country

 One of the things we most enjoy about our excursions to the country is that we never know what we will stumble across.  Click for a closer look.  Signs like these are one of my main goals.  I can stock up on fresh eggs and vegetables that will last me all week.

 The decorating doesn't hurt either.

 All decked out for Fall.

 Amish furniture for sale and a John Deere.

And look what this place did with some rolls of hay!.
 One little piggy fell down.

 These just cracked me up.  The first one is in a sling shot.  Look at the expressions on their faces.

Minnie and Mickey.  I am still sorting through hundreds of photos so I will have more soon.


Gatekeeper said…
Make me want to plan a road trip now.
Jamie. said…
Wow I love the decorated round rolls! Especially the little piggy that fell down!

Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I wish I had lots of hay rolls :-) :-) :-)
I never see anything like that here, only those white plastic balls with silage in them and sometimes they write something on them but that's it. We Swedes are so boring :-)

Have a great day!
jody said…
Lots of fun creative people! I love fall days! Enjoy!!
Guillaume said…
here it is way too hot, but I look at your pics and it makes me feel all autumnal inside.
I like the minions the best!
Patty Woodland said…
All of the festivals in this part of the world are HOURS away. Minimum of 4 each way which makes it hard to go 'cause of the goats. Especially with it getting dark early now.
Barb said…
What a fun place!
Those rolls of hay are so cute.
Debby said…
Love that Mickey and Minnie.
You are always finding great places to go to.
The Urban Rural Society barn sale is next Saturday in Mt. Vernon, Ohio........have you ever been there. It's fun. Besides lots of vendors the farm alone is just beautiful. Lots of old dogs walking around, sheep on the hills, and chickens on the grounds.
Piggy hay bales? :) Everything looks so fresh and beautiful..what a wonderful place to live! I don't live in the prettiest place in California..and such a drive would be heaven.
They seem to go to so much trouble to make their surroundings pretty and interesting.

I just found your blog I love it, I am visiting America in October and cannot wait, your photo's have made me even more excited