A Surprise

Happy Labor Day to everyone!  This is one of my favorite days of the year.  To me it means that summer is over and Fall is about to arrive.  My husband labored last night and set up all of my blow molds out back and put them on a timer.  When Teddy and I went out at 4:00 am, this is what we saw.  The witch and her JOL minions greeted us. They make me smile.  Off to a festival shortly!  Enjoy your last day of summer!


Laurie M said…
they look wonderful, enjoy your festival!
GOTHAM239 said…
Enjoy your outing to the Festival! Your Halloween blow molds outside are A-Mazing! Just LOVE your blog!!Happy Last Day of Summer!

I wish we had a labor day today too :-) We have no holiday here during autumn until Christmas and have our labor day in spring. Would have been much better to have it now instead.

Have a great day!
That's the best kind of surprise!
Barb said…
Have a great time at the festival. The blow molds look wonderful ! what a terrific greeting!
Guillaume said…
Oh such a lovely sight! I don't have Labor Day here, sadly. It was business (and work!) as usual for me.
Nellie said…
How very festive! Hope you had a good day at the festival!
That was so sweet of your husband. They look so nice. Definitely will put you in the mood for the season ahead.
Looks wonderful..so much to look forward to. So many Fairs and Festivals where you live. Nothing here at all..some concerts..but no auctions, or festivals... :(
Very beautiful, your little ghosts!
Jamie. said…
I have one of these same big pumpkins; the same as the one to the far right. We've had it since I was a wee little kid. I've always been on the look out for more; it looks so unique to me! I don't put a light in mine (but maybe I should!) and it's faded from years of use.

Excellent photo!