A Witch and a Pirate

 At this time of year, most kids are pretty excited for Halloween. They dream about their costumes and the candy they will collect going door to door trick or treating.  I remember those days so well.  My great niece and nephew are no exception. I was so excited to hear that my great niece wanted to be a witch.  A dream come true!  So, of course, she needed a proper witch hat and a proper broom as well.  I dug out the ingredients and went to work.  Much glue and sewing and lots of magic and soon the hat was ready.  Click for a closer look.

 A big black spider and a raven in a nest sit amongst the glittery leaves.

 The edge is trimmed with lace and feathers.  An orange bow and a giant orange spider brighten the design.

 Glittery tulle cascades down the hat and turns into a trailing veil.  It is tied at the top with a satin bow and a skull.  Very scary stuff here!

 A spider dangles from a rhinestone web on the side of the hat.

 The broom is touched with orange glitter in all the right places.  It has a secret silver locket dangling from the side which holds special spells. The locket is inlaid with an amethyst which protects the owner from evil.

A vintage jewelry box is adorned with flowers, turquoise stones (for good luck) and a grasshopper. 

It holds special witch socks and a witch wig.

And some special bling in case the witch decides to glam it up.

It can hold secret treasures when Halloween is over.

Everyone should have a treasure box I think!

And pirates need a cage to hold their tarantulas.

A vintage cage covered in moss and skulls holds the tarantulas until needed.

And what holds the pirates loot?

A treasure chest of course.  Treasure chests are always shackled with chains, aren't they?

Skulls, bones and creepy animals stand guard over the jewels and money.

Spiders, skeletons and skulls try to scare anyone away that might try to steal the treasures.

A little imagination is always better than store bought.

I wouldn't mind having a treasure box of my own.


Awesome! And you know what? I have orange glitter in all the right places too, LOL!
chickpea678 said…
Your grand niece and grand nephew are two lucky kids! ;-)
I'd love a treasure box too. hand made is so much better than store bought, for sure. Your things are exquisite.
Anonymous said…
These things are just wonderful! Makes me wish we celebrated Halloween properly here too!

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I love the witch hat. I love everything, but the witch hat especially.
Barb said…
I would love to be your great niece!! They are very lucky!!!
Anonymous said…
oh that is amazing, very lucky kids!! You did an amazing job,
Julie said…
Those are my kind of treasure boxes.
Deb said…

That is the best witch hat I've ever seem. Just fabulous. I wish there was more Halloween spirit here in the UK. Everyone's a bit grumpy about it, though the children love it, of course! When I was a kid in Vermont, we trawled the neighborhood, coming back with sackloads of candy. It was the best day of the year.
Susan said…
Would you adopt me even if it was just for Halloween? Such originality! Such beautiful detail - lucky great niece and nephew!
The hat is gorgeous! The little chest is adorable too. Grief, but you are clever!! :)