Another Fall Festival

 Saturday was  a perfect day to attend another Fall festival.  It was gloomy, cool and kind of day!

 This festival was held at a park in northeastern Ohio.  As you entered, you passed the livestock area....peeuuuwww!

 Though it was a perfect day for me, the poor vendors were less than thrilled with the conditions. Everyone had cold, wet feet.


 This woman decorated old doors and windows.

 Interesting birdhouses with equally interesting feeders hanging below them.

 Lots of Fall decorations.

 Small picket fences.

 I wish I had a closer pic of these.  They are cement fairie cottages and were just as cute as could be.

 Brooms...I managed to not buy one.  They were wonderful though.


 Smoke so good it should be illegal.

 I am sure a lot of hot apple cider was sold.

 There was quite a bit of Christmas on display.  I can hardly look at it.  I don't want to rush Fall.

 Pinecone garlands.

 Nice weathervanes.

 Blown glass pumpkins.

I really wanted the leaf pie plate but I didn't buy it.  Now I wish I had.

 Dried status.

 These tables were beautiful but I had no where to put one.

 I left the fair with two rugs.

 These were woven by two Amish women.

Perfect colors for my time of year.


Anonymous said…
Nice rugs You bought! My taste exactly.

Lots of nice things I wanted there :-) But those stones with different leaf patterns carved in to them do look a bit too much like tomb stones :-)

That fudge bar is just my kind of thing :-) :-) :-) and lots of nice signs too!

Too bad we don't have any fairs as good as this here.

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
We bought a broom at a crafts festival a number of years ago. It is the best broom we've ever had! It is still in service, actually. That may be due to infrequent use, however.:-)
Kay said…
I just love fall festivals on the mainland. We have some great ones in Illinois. I do like them on sunnier days though.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love those fall festivals you have! Been dreaming of one here, but the Brits seem to be in complete denial of the upcoming weeks. It is true that, so far, the temperature proved them right.
Barb said…
Love the new rugs!! what a great fair. Just looking at your pictures makes me feel a bit cooler!!
CalamityJr said…
Oh, I wish I'd been shopping there! There were items for me and for gifts, but the best buy would have been the Ohio State weathervane for my husband for Christmas.
I see why you're regretting not getting that leaf pie plate. Very nice indeed.
sandra hagan said…
lovely visit! and lovely rugs.....
Be still my heart. Love the lady who made things out of doors and window. I made a coffee table out of my old back door, windows and all.
Well...I just not sure I can forgive you for not buying that gorgeous leaf pie plate..both were lovely..but the leaf one!!! Joyce! What were you thinking???
Patty Woodland said…
When you have to sit out in that weather all day long it gets old fast.
Joyce said…
Hello: I loved looking at all the crafts at the fall festival you went to a few weeks ago in "you said" northeastern, Ohio. Could you please email me and let me know exactly what the name of this festival is and where it is.
Your pictures showed quite a lot of great crafts.
I live in Maryland and this would make a nice trip next year.