Markets and Festivals

 We headed out early on Saturday to go to a country market and a festival.  The country market was our first stop.  This is my berry guy.  He carries the best berries I can find anywhere.  He had lots of nice corn too.

 So many booths to visit.

 There was entertainment too.

 Fall was showing up everywhere.

 Dealers had their pumpkin on.

 Zucchini, beets, beans, peppers and lots of tomatoes.

 And the first fresh, unpasteurized apple cider being sold by the Amish.  I bought my first gallon.  There is nothing like unpasteurized apple cider.  I will spend the rest of Fall trying to find sources for it. It tends to sell fast and is rather illusive.

 We passed this beautiful farm when we were on the way to the festival.  Click for a loser look.

 I bought wonderful kielbasa and smoke hot dogs from a market vendor.

 These might be the last of the Chambersburg peaches.

I bought these wonderful berries from the berry guy.  These are the largest blackberries I have ever seen.  I wanted to make one last blackberry pie but these are too good to eat anyway other than right out of the container.
Here is a scale shot.  They make the nickel look small.
Wonderful white corn and it was delicious.
 On our way home, we saw a sign that read 'apples for sale'.  We drove down a lane to find a young boy, maybe 7 years old, selling the apples he had picked that morning.  I asked how much they were and he said 5.00 a bag.  I assumed it would be a small bag but he handed me a garbage can sized bag.  I only took about twenty but what a buy!
Oh....and one last purchase at the market...these were the only pumpkin for sale and I bought them all!  Tomorrow,  I will show you the festival we attended.


Kerin said…
Fresh apple cider/juice can't be beat!

Lucky you to find pumpkins too.

We spent the weekend searching for pumpkins.
Not even one pumpkin to be found at the Farmers market!
Anonymous said…
I have to admit that I didn't think they pasteurized cider :-) I only thought they did that to milk products. Now I must see if I can find it here too :-)

Those black berries are huge! I've never seen berries that big, not even in the store. The wild ones growing here are tiny compared to those :-)

Have a great day!
Ha ha, you cleaned them out of pumpkins! Way to go!
jody said…
I love markets! Looks like you found lots of goodies!! Enjoy!
Guillaume said…
Everything looks so delicious! I love open markets in autumn.
Amanda said…
I can't wait to see what goodies you post with all this deliciousness!! I've never had unpasteurized apple cider. Is it because it has pulp included? It sounds awesome, I'm going to keep my eyes open for it :)
Barb said…
What a great market!! I bet the cider was wonderful!
those berries look scrumptious. What a wonderful market. great produce and fruit.
Wow...gorgeous berries, Joyce! It looked like the booths stretched forever! What fun. Had I been to place like that there would have been no room for me in the car.
AND THEY HAD PUMPKINS!! None here yet...soon I hope.
Anonymous said…
So nice to see your lovely pictures. I'm looking forward to the pictures of your pumpkin festival. I just put pictures of a pumpkin feast in The Netherlands near where I live on my page ; )
Have a magical day.
I love your festival reports - they make me want to come over to the US and take a cross country drive to see them all!
Jim said…
You're all set now......for a while at least! Great looking market with lots of selection!!