My Kitchenaide Mixer

 Sorry for the late post.  I am having camera problems.  I might have to buy a backup camera while I get mine fixed.  What kind of camera do you like using for your blog pics?

 I grabbed the first Fall pics I could find just to have something to post for today.  This is my Kitchenaide mixer that I had customized last year.

 Or was it the year before?  I don't even remember.  I rarely use it. It's too nice to use.

 I will be one of those dead people that have lots of nice unused stuff.

 When I am cooking I can't take the time to worry about my mixer.

 So, I will use my old one until it gives out.

In the meanwhile, my good one looks as knew as the day I got it, whenever that was!


I had an old auntie who packed away all her beautiful towels that were "too nice to use" while she made do with raggedy old ones. That's when I swore I'd never buy anything that could be characterized as "too nice to use." If I buy it, I use it.
Cottage Tails said…
i love my camera
a canon powershot sx50 hs

I just point and take the photo haven;t learnt all the fancy things I could do with it. And it fits in my handbag.

I don't have the space living in a little cottage not to use what I own. Feel free to send your mixer my way it is adorable! Love love love it
Nellie said…
That is one beautiful mixer! I've recently been taking pictures for my blog with the iPad camera. My other camera is a simple Canon, not involved at all. Probably just a "point and shoot" version.
Guillaume said…
That is a mixer with style.
Alicia Foodycat said…
I didn't know you could customise a mixer! It's gorgeous!

I just use a little point&shoot Fuji Finepix. It's good for macro stuff, but i'd like to have better control over the colour.
1st Man said…
Well then put 2nd Man on the list for your inheritance, LOL! I showed him the picture and now that's all he's talking about, ha. It's very pretty and I bet you love it....too bad there isn't a little witches hat poking out from behind the pumpkins. :-)
Barb said…
That is one beautiful mixer!!
GOTHAM239 said…
THE most BEWITCHING KitchanAid mixer i've ever seen! :)
Always a joy seeing it, and i must admit i Covet!
Margaret said…
that is so pretty! Maggie
Willow said…
That mixer is indeed gorgeous.
Sheez this HOT, hot weather in New England can be hard on September porch pumpkins.
Was nice to pop in here for a spell and catch up.
Always love seeing what you have brewing this time of year
LOVE that mixer. The color is lucious. I use a nikon cool pix s9500.
I broke down and bought the Samsung Galaxy and I've been in picture taking heaven since then. I still have not learned all there is to know..haven't need's such a pleasure. I rarely get a bad photo..and I am a terrible photographer..and I even took the subject in school. I remember a bit ..but nothing I can really use..or remember to use.
I LOVE that mixer. What a beautiful Fall decoration for your kitchen, Joyce. :)
Mary Ann said…
I wanna come to your estate sale, Joyce!