I enjoy life when things are happening, I don't care if it's good things or bad things.  That means you are alive.  Thing are happening. Joan Rivers

                                  RIP Joan.  You made me laugh more than most people do.        


Ron Troke said…
2 fingers up!!

Someone placed these fingers on my FB page yesterday for a special something ~ so perfect!!
RIP Joan!

Ron and Sophie
Anonymous said…
I knew very little about herI'm afraid but they have lots about her in our newspapers now.

She made me laugh too. RIP joan.
Sandy said…

She was one heck of a comedian and a woman. RIP Joan.
I loved her caustic tongue. God better watch what he's wearing when she shows up at the pearly gates.
1st Man said…
She was a true legend. We should ALL be so blessed to be so active and vibrant for so long.

RIP Joan, can you imagine, somewhere in the Universe, Joan and Robin are headlining....
Mary Ann said…
She made me laugh, too!
Oh, how I will miss her! Loved her QVC line also!
I've always heard they go in three's. Just an old wives tale I know..but it scares me.
It's hard when people who are SO alive..out life..can suddenly just be gone! Leaves us all stunned that such a thing can be. When she was on..I would howl with laughter and say "OMG! Did you hear what Joan just said??!"

HOW can this be?! How can this possibly be!! I find myself saying that a lot lately..
Amanda said…
I was so sad to hear about her passing, she did so much in her lifetime. I felt like she had more life to live, but it was her in peace Joan, you were awesome!!