Witch Hat

 I made a witch hat.

 My friend's daughter wants to be a witch for Halloween.

 I think every little girl should have a proper witch hat.

 I sure had trouble getting a good photo of it.

 You can see on the right that it has a spider dangling from a rhinestone chain.

 My driveway trough garden.

 The Fall flowering clematis is starting to bloom.

My potting table is taking on a Fall look.  Now if I can just get some cooler weather!


Every little girl should have a proper witch's hat? Every woman should too!
Kerin said…

I'm new to your blog, and your newest follower.
I really like what you have here :)

Looking forward to reading more, and getting to know you.

Smiles :)
Susan said…
What a beautiful witch hat it is~! I wouldn't mine wearing that every day!!! Do we get to see a picture of the lucky girl in costume?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful hat! Just like it should look on a witch and the spider is really great!

Your trough garden looks fine, have You had to water a lot? For once I've actually remembered to water my plants :-)

Have a great day!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I will tell my mother in law that you found her hat!
Nellie said…
What a wonderful hat! She will love it!
Jim said…
Those troughs really did fill in! Good job and see, it worked!
Love the hat!
Jim said…
Those troughs really did fill in! Good job and see, it worked!
Love the hat!
Guillaume said…
That is indeed a proper witch hat! Not some cheap stuff purchased at Dollarama or wherever. It is the proper thing.
Barb said…
The witch ht is wonderful- just right!
1st Man said…
I love that, a PROPER witch hat. Awesome and I totally agree!

And beautiful job.
Every woman should have a proper Witch Hat, it's true. LOVE the one you made for your friend's daughter. It's marvelous.
Those hats are just plain stunning! How did you DO that?? What a nice thing for you to do. Those would cost a bundle in the store. I have a proper witch hat which often is lended to my daughter for display at Halloween parties...but YOURS!
Heavens! Lovely, Joyce!
Patty Woodland said…
Very pretty hat. She will be the belle of the witch's ball
SHERRY said…
Love your witch hat,,lcky girl. I found you through that sweetie pie, Mona' Mona's site and love to visit here. So many interesting things to see. But the recipes,OMG. I gain five pounds every time I come here just reading them.
I am so jealous of your prized possession, the BOS from my favorite movie, Practical Magic.
Can I ask the circumstances which you were able to purchase this prize. I would love to hear the story.
Mary Ann said…
You did a great job on the hat!!!