A Perfect Apple Pie for the First Day of October

Happy October 1st!  Is it just me or is this the fastest month of the year?  Before we know it, Halloween will be here, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and it is all over until next year.  It goes by way too fast for me.
 Though the caramel apple pies I posted a few days ago are good, I still think this recipe makes the best apple pie.

 You can find the recipe here:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/search?q=apple+pie

 I have a new recipe I will be trying soon.  It claims that it is the perfect apple pie.  We shall see.

 Make sure you let your caramel sauce cool off a bit before adding it to your pies.

 You can make one large pie but I really like making individual servings.

 Also, make sure to line your cookies sheet.

 I guarantee you will have overflow.

 Want to have some fun with your kids.

Buy them a bag of Halloween bones!


Those pies look scrumptious. I can smell them baking. Really I can, all the way over here. YUM. That bag of bones is great.
Nellie said…
Now I'm ready to bake an apple pie! Perfect timing! Those Cheetos are darling! I will have to look for them! Happy October 1!
Mary Ann said…
I bought some individual pie pans before I retired from someone having a party at work... now... if I can just find them!
Anonymous said…
No I can't say that I feel October passes by especially fast but then again we have nothing to celebrate here until Yule. It is better than November though :-)

I wish I had some apples at home or any fruit to be honest. I have all ingredients but fruit at home :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
anyone that wants apple pie that is THE best try this recipe, its our go to now, perfection!!! Cute cheetos!!!I wonder if they have reached Canada, we are so slow getting things, we are in the process of my voice activated computer, I'm going high tech, yikes!!!!!
Guillaume said…
Looks absolutely yummy and decadent.
Guillaume said…
And I might add: I am not the biggest fan of apple pies, but apple being the fruit of autumn, I would find it fitting to eat it in any form.
Barb said…
That pie looks so good!
Good heavens! I think I'm gonna faint! Those are heavenly looking, Joyce!!
Patty Woodland said…
Oh how cute. I love the bag of bones. And the pies look delicious
Kay said…
And yes, I LOVE apple pie too! Sigh! They look so wonderful! You are an amazing cook and baker.