A Pumpkin Festival

 I am behind on my festivals photos.  These are from a festival we went to in Barnesville, Ohio last weekend.  This town goes all out for this festival.

 The downtown streets are lined with pumpkins.

 There are trucks full of them for sale too.

People enter their giant pumpkins from all over the country.  These are the winners this year.                                  
 The runners up.

 Indian corn for sale.

 These are the losers.

 Though they are still very impressive.

 All varieties of pumpkins are judged.

 Vegetables too.  How about this beet?!

 The 1st place sunflower.

 A pumpkin tower.

 We stopped at this pumpkin farm on the way home.

If you don't have pumpkins where you live....this pumpkin post is for you!


Anonymous said…
thats an amazing display o Pumpkins, looks like a nice town too! We had a pumpkin weighing contest here this weekend, I'm not a fan of the over sized pumpkins, they lose their lovely pumpkin shape, it is amazing how huge they can become, what do they do with all the pumpkins when its over, feed them to the cattle or pigs maybe?
That beet would make a Ukrainian cry tears of joy.
Patty Woodland said…
It's like the pumpkins were people watching...
Barb said…
Thanks, I really enjoyed this post. We are finally getting a few in the stores now! But temps this week-end were 10 degrees above normal- not real Fall -like.
Joy said…
Oh my, what BIG pumpkins you discovered! :-)

It's interesting as I feel like I've seen more pumpkins and fall decorations this fall than just compared to last year here in Poland. More and more westernized. I'm loving this time of year too!
Mary Ann said…
We are surrounded by pumpkins everywhere we look these last two weeks... but my gosh, your area takes the cake!
PUMPKINS they are here everywhere too. But being at a festival makes yours special. LOVE the losers, they are winners in my book too.
Guillaume said…
Great pictures. I want to see more.
Anonymous said…
I wish we had something like that here, it looks so fun.

Impressive pumpkins even those that lost :-) I think we mihgt have a sunflower here that could compete with that winner :-) I don't think I've ever seen such a big one before.

Have a great day!
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We are going pumpkin hunting tomorrow...I am determined to find some. Northern California seems to have plenty...those pumpkins are HUGE!!
Joyce...had the syrup this morning on waffles and I think we both swooned! Delicious!! Thank you!!