A Sunny Fall Day

 On a sunny Fall day we went to another Fall festival.

 Sorghum being made.

 Sorghum being sold.

 A chicken BBQ.

 The pumpkin patch.

 Wind power.

 Pumpkin piles.

 I love the smell of wood fires in the Fall.

 Hello there!

 Chili stirring.

 Lots of Mennonites attend this fair.

 A steam engine....

 Powering this belt and saw which is used to make lumber.

I would not want to run into this dude in a dark alley.


Anonymous said…
great Fair, I have never saw sorghum being made, you had a lovely day for it,
Sounds like lots of fun but I am a little confused because you say sorghum being made! We used to grow it as a grain in South Africa so I am wondering what is being made? Do they perhaps make a drink from the grain?
Hope all is well Diane
Mary Ann said…
We don't have enough of these festivals here in our area! I love seeing yours!
What's not to love? A Chicken BBQ and Chili in one place and pumpkins too. I have never seen sorghum being made. Actually do not know much about it at all. LOVE those sweet animals. Not fond of the man with the rifle.
sandra hagan said…
Soaking up the country side, great way to spend the day!
Rue said…
Mmm...I do wish there were fairs every weekend here too. I do have farm stands to linger over though - so I'm not too hard done by.
Joy said…
Looks like lovely weather, for sure! I've even seen sorghum syrup being sold here in Warsaw, but have never used it. Have you?
Anonymous said…
I do like all these faires You go to, we have very little of that and what we have never have that high quality. Well there is this one Christams fair that I never seem to go to evcen if it's just nearby and I've heard that is a really good and high quality fair.

I've baked some breads with sorgum in it, doesn't taste bad at all but they do become a bit dry and crumbly.

Have a great day!
Looks like a fun fair to be - loving the pumpkins!:)
Nellie said…
What a wonderful time! Wish I could go myself!
1st Man said…
Makes me want to come up and tag along, ha. Thanks for sharing, what fun things to do and I bet your weather is amazing. enjoy!
Sorghume? I didn't even know they made it anymore. Goes to show you what I know. Daughter #4 tried to talk me out of one of my cans of Log Cabin syrup. Can you IMAGINE?? Silly girl!! :)
Amanda said…
i love the pumpkins!!
Patty Woodland said…
So many cool fairs in your neck of the woods