An Apple Farm

 We visited an apple farm yesterday. 

 We are trying honey crisp apples from all over our region to see who grows the best ones.

 We are also trying to find the best cider.  Finding unpasteurized cider is very tricky.

 Apparently, only farms that grow their own, press it and bottle it can sell it unpasteurized.

 So, if you drink it and die, you can't blame the middle man.

 Melrose...Ohio's big ugly apple.

 We saw this along the side of the road on the way home.

 An outdoor toy railroad.

It ran back behind the building.  That is not a home so I have no idea what the story is behind this.


Anonymous said…
beautiful country side, I always worry about buying home made stuff, I admit I'm a bit OCD that way, lol. I actually talked about that today,,,
Sandy said…

We love honey crisp apples here at our homestead. I've made apple butter and apple pies using them.
I know unpasteurized products are all the foodie rage because of taste and alleged health benefits (cheese, milk, honey, and now apparently apple cider). But I'd still be too scared to use any of them. Pasteurization was invented for a reason.
Anonymous said…
I wonder why there's a need to pasteurize apple cider? I can understand milk products but not cider, I doubt there's any dangerous bacteria on the apples. I've never tried unpasteurized cider though.

I've never heard of the apple Melrose before, but Johnagold is rather common in stores here.

Did You know that the main character in the film First Blood, Rambo is named after an apple :-) :-) The apple seed to that apple variety actually came from Sweden :-) I laughed out loud when I heard that some days ago :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Well, unlike Debra I LOVE unpasteurized products, especially cheese and alcohols. I love a good cider too. Especially in autumn.
Barb said…
We got the best ever cider when we lived in upstate NY. We were able to buy it from the press where it was made. You could even bring your own jugs. We bought enough to freeze for a long time.
I have never had a honey crisp apple. It has a wonderful name. Sounds yummy.
I just wrote to TARYTERRE and told her of my recent experience with Honey Crisp apples. We were supposed to pick some up today but were too tired..will do it tomorrow. There is one left and I've promised PH I will share it. :(
At our recent visit to Riley's Apple farm..the price of unpasturized apple cider was $25 a half gallon. I didn't buy any.
Jim said…
Honey Crisp apples are very popular here and grown in the Annapolis Valley. My favourite apple still is the Gravenstein which is now becoming difficult to find as it is being replaced by newer sweeter ones.
I have tried unpasteurized apple cider.It is delicious.