I think I will do this to some of my pumpkins next year.  If you look closely, you will see that the stem has been painted gold.

 Are you a fan of Fiestaware?  We drove to the Fiestaware outlet in Newell, WV yesterday to pick up some bowls. The factory is in an 'interesting' area.

There are mountains of broken Fiestaware piled outside.

This is the main room where you can buy firsts at a discounted price.

They were out of their witch plates but they had other Halloween patterns.

This is the seconds room.

The prices are displayed on samples sitting on the shelves on the wall.  Seconds are deeply discounted.

I bought some pumpkin colored bowls to match my pumpkin mugs.  The bowls were 3.00 each.
On the way out of town we passed this place.  I always wonder why really scary places, that I would never consider going into, write STAY OUT on the front of them.  I mean really?  They don't have to tell me that. 


Anonymous said…
I've never heard of Fiestaware but I did like those blue tea cups and coffee mugs.

A house like that is impossible to pass for a teenager :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I really like fiesta ware and had no idea it was available at such great prices!That mountain of broken dishes has stuck in my mind, wow. That house wouldn't need a sign to keep me out either but I agree with Christer, kids would be attracted to it for sure,
Fiestaware is always so darn cheery looking, isn't it?
Mary Ann said…
Joyce',I am reading this at the hospital... I had no idea you could get holiday patterned Homer Laughlin ware! How cool is that!
Susie said…
Oh that would be a fun place to shop. I wonder if you could buy a bucket of pieces to make mosaic table tops. :):) Hope you enjoyed your trip. xoxo,Susie
Susie said…
Oh that would be a fun place to shop. I wonder if you could buy a bucket of pieces to make mosaic table tops. :):) Hope you enjoyed your trip. xoxo,Susie
Love your Fiesta Ware bowls. perfect color for the season. ENJOY!
Guillaume said…
Great pictures, as usual.
Barb said…
That fiesta ware factory reminded me of the factory where they sold seconds of Louisville Stoneware. Fun shopping! The last picture and your comment made me laugh!
The spooky place is probably empty. I do love Fiesta Ware but I've never owned it. I'm not sure why because I love brightly colored dishes. I think I love to just visit them, and not own them. That's nuts isn't it?
How wonderful it must be to go on adventures like that. We do the small adventures...but I guess I've had my days of doing what you are doing. I'm grateful for that.
I have great memories. :)
Oh..and the gold pumpkin stem?
Definitely. I have to do that next year. (please God, let me remember!!)
sandra hagan said…
Splendid bowl, really, at the mugs too!
We went through there early in our year. We stayed in Beckley, WV.

I adore fiesta ware!!!!
Candace said…
How wonderful that you have the factory there! I have vintage Fiesta as well as the first run of when it was originally re-released years ago - lots of fun colors! I would love to get my hands on some of the pumpkin colors!
Jim said…
Do I like Fiesta Ware?!! YES! Always on the lookout for a piece to appear around here. Imagine having your own Fiesta factory outlet! And that pile of broken plates!