Foggy Fall

A barn in the fog.                    
 We drove out to the country to take photos of Fall foliage but instead we encountered fog.

 Fog has its own beauty.

 This spot is our favorite place to snap photos of the leaves because behind the fog is an entire mountain.  Not on this day

 A couple houses in the fog.

 Later in the day it lifted.  Isn't this old cabin charming?

 A cute pumpkin display.

 We finally found some color.

This house has a Jack O' lantern chiminea on it's front porch.


Laurie M said…
beautiful photos, the people in the last house obviously have extremely good taste, lol,
I di like fog when I don't have to drive around in it when it's dark. Fog makes everything so much more beautiful!

I like the houses You show today, so different to how it looks here.

We still have some trees with leafs but more and more are no totally leaf free.

Have a great day!
Susie said…
Fog is scary when on the road. I do love your pictures. A little Halloween goes a long way for me. LOL> xoxo,Susie
Guillaume said…
Oh I love a good foggy day. Luckily enough I am in the right country for it.
Julie said…
Beautiful pictures. I love the fog.
Caethryn said…
I love driving in the fog. I always hope I will be led astray and end up in the land of fairy...
Barb said…
Thanks for the very pretty drive. I love the way fog looks and the way it shows up the spider webs in my garden.
Debby said…
Great photos. We seem to have a lot of fog around here. Lots of school delays because of it. I like it in pictures but not to drive in it.
There is something magical about being on the road in the fog. Cute cabin. Loved the pumpkin display.
Rue said…
We've had more fog than fall colour here too. But the weather is finally cooling and the leaves are starting to show their shades of orange.

Friday nights Hoedown had the ugliest, messiest, most pathetic looking pumpkins I've ever seen...the best ones they saved for the pumpkin carving contest..and even those were not much to look at. :( No Autumn leaves, no nice pumpkins..I mean..what's the world coming to??
Patty Woodland said…
A little big of fog adds a certain atmosphere