Glass Pumpkins

 I am still decorating.  I thought I was done.  I guess I'm not.

 I found these wonderful glass pumpkins at a gift shop the other day.  They are made by a local artist.

 I just fell in love with them.

 The detail is incredible.

I draped them in small lights and turned on the Asian lights.  At night they really glow.                                                  
I have these and the mantel lights hooked up so they all turn on with the flip of a wall switch.  When I get up each morning, it is still very dark.  I switch these on and I have my own little Fall carnival going on in my TV room.  It makes me happy.
 We hit the road yesterday on a foggy morning and headed north.

 It seems that everyone is decorated for Halloween now.

 I am much more into Autumn than I am Halloween but I really enjoy the decorations.

 The leaves have begun to fall and I am expecting a glorious show when we head to the mountains on Sunday.

 A cold front is coming through today and bringing our first true Fall weather.  I can't wait.

 Buggy alert!

 We had a perfect summer for pumpkin growing. They're for sale everywhere and are pretty cheap.

 You can weigh your pumpkin on this vintage Toledo scale.

 Pick your pumpkin please.

 You can buy local honey at this place and see the bees too.

No trip is complete until The Blog Tech finds an apple cider slushie.  Tomorrow I am serving 100 pulled pork sandwiches on homemade buns topped with coleslaw to a local community.  I've been a bit busy.  On Sunday we are driving to an apple festival so I will be taking lots of photos.  I still have tons of pics from the last two weeks that I need to sort through too.  More Fall coming soon!


Sandy said…

I love all the changing of the colors for fall. Great decorations, we live to far out for people to appreciate decorations on the outside of the house. I will decorate a little for our enjoyment.

Pull port sandwiches.....YUM, I need to make my way toward your direction :-)
Those glass pumpkins are exquisite! Love the long loopy stems.
DeniseinVA said…
Your decorations are exquisite! A lovely post for the season.
NanaDiana said…
Great road trip. I am more into Fall than Halloween, too...but it is fun to see it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those glass pumpkins. xo Diana
Anonymous said…
What beautiful glass pumpkins! The maker of them is a true master!

I still couldn't see any pumpkins in the stores when I was there today, not so strange perhaps since they never can agree on what date they'll celebrate Halloween here :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Pulled pork! My favorite! Yes, you've been very busy, and fall has arrived where you are!
Anonymous said…
a bit busy you say, lol, oh my gosh thats a whole lot of busy!!!! I love the glass pumpkins, you know I am a bit of a minimalist and all but my gosh I would buy one of those if I found them, I love colored glass, its my only collecting weakness, I only have three things but thats a collection right? you are such a good person for donating so much time to the communities in your area, a good egg you are Joyce,
Patty Woodland said…
You are in your glory, aren't you? I love the glass pumpkins. I am always in awe of glassworkers.
Ellen in Oregon said…
OMG! those glass pumpkins are beautiful. I could not have passed those georgous pumpkins by either. They are beautiful works of art. I can't believe how much detail the artist was able to create with hand blown glass. The way you have them arranged with the Chinese lantern lights & twinkle light is a stunning visual. I think you missed your calling as a photo stylist. You always do such lovely arrangements with your decorations. The Chinese lantern lamps are amazing too. Our homes become special places when we surround ourselves with beautiful objects that bring us joy.

Glad your cool weather is on the way. Your real pumpkins will last longer in the cooler temps too. Can't wait to see the Apple festival photos. An apple cider slushie sounds delicious. So, you are cooking for a big crowd again. Hard to resist a good cause. You are so generous & hard working. I'm sure your contribution will be much appreciated. You have brought yourself much good Karma. Cooking for 100, that a lota buns & slaw to make!
Guillaume said…
I need more pumpkins in my life. Tonight I bought my first one.
Barb said…
I absolutely love all your Fall pictures and adventures!!
Those glass pumpkins are stunning. What a beautiful thing to wake up to with the lights dazzling.
Kay said…
Those glass pumpkins are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! They look especially fabulous when they're lit up.

I do miss fall in the Midwest. There aren't much of anything anywhere here in Hawaii to signal the change in seasons.
Jim said…
I like what you've created on the table with the lights and glass pumpkins!Very warm and inviting.
I KNEW they were going to be spectacular and they are! I have seen lots of glass pumpkins but none like yours. An artist was at work there for certain! You really found beauty in those. Once more, you did good! What a display!