Halloween Houses

 I found these hot chocolate mixes at  a farm shop recently  Click for a closer look.

 The countryside was glowing with golden colors.

 This area already peeked.

 There were storms last weekend and lots of the leaves had already fallen.

 Even far out in the country, homes are decorated for Halloween.

 Click to enlarge.  This pumpkin guy has two pumpkins for a butt and a sign that says 'full mooning'.

 This house was really decked out for Halloween.

 I like how these people lined their fence with cornstalks.

Ready for trick or treaters.


Anonymous said…
wow, amazing Halloween decorations, that big inflated witch is something I have never saw before. The photo with the beautiful clouds and the lone maple tree would be a beautiful painting,
Love the shot of the one red tree. Beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Dead and breakfast is a great name for a hot chocolate mix :-) I laughed out loud when I read it :-)

Beautiful countryside, I like these soft shaped hills!

So far I've only seen those small pumkpkins I showed in my blog :-) I did however see some at the super market today, so I'll buy some next Friday on my way home.

Have a great day!

Ellen in Oregon said…
Looks like the folk in the country go all out with the decorations. My favorite was the mooning pumpkin butt. Now that's the one kind of pumpkin buns you don't want to bake in a hot oven (tee hee).
The countryside where you live is beautiful this time of year. Our leaves in the Pacific NW have barely begun to change. I think our very hot summer has slowed the arrival of fall here, but U think we had our last 90+ temps earlier this week & it's much cooler today. Maybe it will start to look like fall soon.
Cottage Tails said…
I do think NZ miss out with not really celebrating halloween.
Love the decorated tins for the hot chocolate. GREAT houses decorated for the holiday. Always warms my heart to see them.
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE these pictures! And I'd try the coffee even though I don't like it, just for the cat on the label.
Barb said…
Such fun pictures. There are only three houses(our included) in our neighborhood that have decorated for Fall so far. There are 93 houses in this neighborhood! Pathetic!
sandra said…
HI! Can you tell me where I can maybe get that hot chocolate ?? I lovvvve them!!! all your pics area gorgeous! im really enjoying your blog :} !
sandra d
Lady M said…
My sister gave me a greeting card that include your man with pumpkin buns titled Halloween Flashers.