Happy Halloween

 Thank God I started celebrating on July 5th because this day came around way too fast for me.

 My ghost cake.

 I don't know when I have ever enjoyed Fall as much as I have this year.

 I made myself do something Fall-like every single day. And I really enjoyed the changes in my gardens.

 I went to as many farm markets as I could find. 

 I've driven down countless country roads and soaked in the beautiful colors.

 I've opened all my windows and doors to let in the wonderful Fall smells.

 Dead and decaying is such a wonderful aroma.

 The leaves are almost all down now.

 There is much beauty to be found in winter's bleakness and I am going to enjoy it too.

 You were wonderful Fall while you lasted.

I am going to sit in my chair and enjoy the rest of it.


Happy Halloween to you Joyce!
GOTHAM239 said…
Happy Halloween, to you and yours as well! You make it so wonderfully wicked each year!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad you enjoyed this Fall and we should all take this as such good advice, enjoy each to the max! Happy Halloween my dear friend, know one I know enjoys this holiday as you, you do it so well!That is a beautiful cake!!!Your gardens look beautiful every season but Fall colors go so well with Teddy's tawny coat lol,
Susie said…
You did the right thing, enjoying something everyday. It sure looked beautiful around your area. Hope you have a great weekend, xoxo,Susie
Valerie said…
Blessed Samhain to you! (And it is still Autumn until December 21). This is just the waning melancholy part of fall. I have enjoyed your journeys and farmers' markets, as well as well as your fabulous recipes. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos today!

I still have to carve my pumpkin and when I've done that I'm the only one in the village that has any Halloween decoration at all :-)

I have also hang up thet little sign I got from You and placed the two pumpkins I got at the same time on the little table in front of the chimney :-)

Happy Halloween!
Nellie said…
Happy Halloween to you! There may still be some fall enjoyment out there, in spite of the snow showers that are peppering weather forecasts for the week-end!
Susan said…
And I am very glad you took us along with you - otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed Autumn nearly as much! Happy Halloween!!!
Sandy said…

Happy Halloween!!! I love all the fall colors in the pictures you posted. Very pretty!
Cottage Tails said…
LOL Oh Joyce Happy Halloween to you
Love Leanne
"Dead and decaying is such a wonderful aroma" -- now there's a sentence you don't read every day! And it's true too, so long as it's only about vegetation. Enjoy sitting in your skull chair and sniffing the air today! Samhain blessings to you and yours.
Leeanna said…
Beautiful pictures. Blessed Samhain darlin.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Enjoy every last moment.
PS) LOVE that Ghost Cake.
Barb said…
And I certainly appreciate all the wonderful Fall trips you shared with us! Enjoy the trick-or treaters tonight!
sandra hagan said…
Wishing you and yours a Happy Halloween!

The ghost cake is the most awesome I've seen!

Fall is a welcome season for me too.
blissfulsally said…
I just loved your look back at this beautiful fall. I read it while listening to our first raindrops in a very long time. Happy Halloween from the central coast of California.
Beautiful pictures too! Your blog is the perfect treat!
Guillaume said…
Happy Halloween too! It is already over here, sadly.
I remember when you bought the chair and when you made the ghost cake. The more time that goes by and I visit you from Autumn to Autumn the more you seem to live just around the corner. I'm smiling because "blissfulsally" above was hearing raindrops just a couple of hours before us..just enough time for the rain to come on down the coast.
I love that feeling of happiness that sweeps over me during this time of year. It's just so nice to be alive. Halloween night and I let PH answer the door. Mele let us know when someone was coming. That man had the time of his life. I couldn't believe how much fun he had with the children.
Happy Halloween, Joyce! :) We made it!!!
Rue said…
Dead and decay IS a wonderful aroma! I hope your night was as magical as your entire October!
Jo said…
Autumn is flying by with the same alarming speed as the rest of 2014 for me! Hard to believe Halloween has come and gone once again and we're into November already. So glad you've enjoyed your Autumn!