Scenic Drives

 On our outings to the country, we are always looking for charming country stores and seeking out the best festivals.  However, we better enjoy the drives because we spend a lot of time in the car on country roads.  I am endlessly amazed at the beauty we find everywhere.

 Of course, the Fall colors don't hurt.

 Click to enlarge. There is a cemetery under those evergreens.

 The trees are as old as the graves.

Country wisdom.  Nuff said!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photographs of a beautiful landscape!

The second photo must be a church? and I've always felt that the more plain a church is the better it fits in a horror movie, so that one would fit perfect :-)

What a beautiful cemetary!

Have a great day!
NanaDiana said…
Great photos. I LOVE that sign in front of the church!!!! And that cemetery is beautiful. xo Diana
The church sign made me LOL. Probably not the reaction it is meant to evoke, but still.
I love your photos. Please come by and see us at Prairie Cottage Corner when you have a minute. I'm going to try that meatloaf recipe of yours. Thanks so much for sharing. Kathie
Barb said…
Beautiful photos!! Some of the older cemeteries are in the prettiest places.
Cottage Tails said…
im just so loving your drives you take us all on.
sandra hagan said…
stellar pictures!
i understand exactly where you are coming from!!! the is no end to beauty!
Gatekeeper said…
When times were more simple.
Guillaume said…
Absolutely stunning.
Mary Ann said…
I love little old white churches! Someday I'm going to do a story about the ones around us here!
GREAT scenery. Love your trips and all the pics you show of them. Let's me live vicariously in the moment.
Julie said…
I envy you and those wonderful scenic drives. My drives are mostly desert.
Candace said…
We once stopped at an old cemetary like that in my husband's hometown in Souther NJ. As we walked further back into the brambles, trees and weeds, we found graves dating back to the 1600's - many of which were native american! His father later told us the story about it. Now I never hesitate to explore something that old! You may have to go back, Joyce (wink)!
I don't think you can even imagine how wonderful it is for me to enlarge your photo's and see all the detail. I hope everyone does it.
Julie and I, above, have the same sentiments. However, the desert in Spring is amazing!