A Teddy Day

 I am stuck in that weird place just before a large amount of cooking is to take place. It's a bit early to start cooking for thanksgiving yet the pressure is on to do just that.  I am making an entire thanksgiving feast for a family this year.  We will deliver it on Thanksgiving afternoon. My new project is to find a family in need each month and cook and deliver an entire meal to them. So, here I sit trying to figure out what I should be doing and not quite figuring anything out.  I do have a test recipe of crescent rolls rising. I am constantly looking for the perfect rolls recipe.  I picked the turkeys up at my food coop yesterday and they are defrosting.  Do you know it takes 4 days to defrost a frozen turkey?

 Did someone say turkey?  I also bought turkey parts so I can make the gravy in advance.  Otherwise, you end up making gravy at the last moment which is never fun.  Here is the way to do it:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2011/11/make-ahead-thanksgiving-turkey-gravy.html

Teddy charging after a bad kitty.  I've made my cranberry sauce, you can find the recipe here: http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2011/11/cranberry-sauce-and-more-gravy.html

I've also made my pie crusts and froze them.  You can see how I do this here: http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2010/11/thanksgiving-prep-gravy-cranberry-sauce.html

Yes Teddy, you will get lots of turkey. I did make dough for rolls this morning.  I am trying a new crescent roll recipe.  I am always searching for the best roll recipe out there.

Here I sit twiddling my thumbs waiting to start all of the heavy duty cooking and baking. I'm sure I will make a few more runs to the grocery store too.

Do you prepare in advance?  Are you ready for turkey day?


Lady M said…
That is super sweet finding a family who needs a meal - I'm am sure they will appreciate your homemade deliciousness.
greekwitch said…
Nope! No preparation whatsoever! The night before the kitchen becomes a war zone and in a constant state of panic i yell(nicely!) orders to my loving husband.
But the thing is he is really slow! Maybe he does that on purpose but no matter how much i try i have never managed to stress him enough to work as fast as i do.
So, what do you recommend? Cooking classes? Googling recipes? Marriage counselling?
Debby said…
You have the biggest heart. It's not that you are so generous but you give so much of your time.
That last picture of your sweet doggie is perfect.
Happy holidays.
Gatekeeper said…
Doing good work there. Love the PUPPY
Anonymous said…
what a great photo of Teddy and the Blg tech, you sound very anxious to get on with things, and yes I do tasks in advance to the big day, ( I also make gravy , there is never enough so extra is good), I also make a few side dishes the day before, your recipients of this dinner will be so happy, I just know it!
Kim said…
So kind of you making a dinner for another family. How do you find the family in need??? Teddy is so pretty, would love to hug him and feel his fur!!!!
Anonymous said…
Sometimes it's good not to have all those holidays :-) All that work :-) But then again I love to eat so I would most likely love to cook it too :-)

Teddy is cute as ever!

Have a great day!
Win Win You love cooking and you love cooking for others. Some family will be eating well on Thanksgiving!
Laura said…
This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving. I'm kind of slowly starting to panic, but am hoping to pull it off. My biggest fear is the turkey. Everything else I'm okay with (I think!). :-)
ps...I think it is really nice what you are doing for a family in need. I hope someday I'm in a position to be able to do something like that.
pps...hugs to Teddy!
Cottage Tails said…
Oh that lucky family that gets picked. I'm sure it is going to be such a blessing to them. The world needs more people like you in the world. Imagine if each of us just picked one other family to help what a different world we would live in.
Love the photos of Teddy as always.
Leeanna said…
The world needs more wonderful women like you. I have my Thanksgiving all ready to go. David hates turkey so we are having a boned ham. I can make my ham and beans and other dishes later with it. Otherwise we are ready. I have frozen cookie dough rolled into 12 foot long wax paper logs in the freezer. Things are ready and willing to go here.
Teddy looks so happy outside.
Susie said…
That looks like a dog in a fur coat. LOL. so cozy warm looking. He will be a good cold weather pal. So cute. That is a special thing you are doing for a needy family. May God bless you. xoxo,Susie
Nellie said…
That's a good thing you are doing for another family. I'm ready to start cooking, too! Teddy looks very warm.
Guillaume said…
I didn't know it took that long to defrost a turkey. I remember getting really grumpy at mum because the turkey was taking its sweet time to defrost before Christmas and she was saying we may have pork pies for Christmas.
Mary Ann said…
Joyce, I'm going to be in big trouble, then... I am only baking a turkey breast, and we haven't even bought it yet! I'll fall back on a chicken if I need to!
cl said…
We are heading to Florida to make Thanksgiving at my son's home. I've sent the shopping list. Packing has already started and includes the fixings as well as pie pan and Deep fryer. The men will deep fry the birds on the patio. I'll make the sides. and desert. It's all a bout being with family.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Not being American or in America I don't celebrate, but happy Thanksgiving and I give thanks for people like you who do their best for others.
We were going to eat out for the holiday. But today decided we'd to eat at home. So now I'm scrambling to get everything in order. Good luck to you planning this meal for a needy family. You are a good person.
PS) Teddy you look ready for some turkey. ENJOY!
Barb said…
No, I have not prepared yet and I do have 8 wonderful guests coming. By some standards that is not much of a crowd. I always enjoy seeing the Teddy photos!
You pretty much know my story. I don't do the dinner any more. It's now up to daughter's and daughter's in law. Even son's and son's in law.
I do have to make deviled eggs and sweet potatoes..with almonds of course.
I see Teddy with her brother. :)
Mele is getting silver too. She is ten now..
Yes, I know the pressure of knowing you have a huge meal to make. After all these years, when the holiday approaches..the stress begins to build.
You are different because you LOVE what you are doing..not to mention knowing you are doing a wonderful thing for a family who needs it.
I don't think I would be able to pull off all I used to do if I had to. :) Those days are over.
You must tell us the menu for them! :)
Passing on the recipe for Cranberry sauce. Printing it out to put in my October Farm collection notebook.