A Visit To Amish Country

 A great old log cabin.

 I hope everyone had a good Halloween.

 I am officially on countdown again.

 No time to slow down now though.

 Christmas will be here very soon and I have thousands of cookies to bake.

 Plum puddings and mincemeat tarts to make.

 Pigs.  We rarely see pigs.

 A typical Amish farm.  Notice that you see no power lines.

 An Amish mother walking her child in an atypical Amish stroller.

Amish cornstalks.

The town is decorated for Christmas already.

Amish wash hung out to dry.

A wave from a friendly Amish chap.  We are off to a psychic fair today.


DeniseinVA said…
Wonderful series of rural scenes. Have a great weekend!
NanaDiana said…
What great pictures! I grew up not far from Lancaster, PA, so it was always fun to see the Amish. We have several Mennonites around here and they live a similar life though one that is not quite as restricted. xo Diana
Susie said…
Jaz, Loved your photos. My daughter lives in Amish country in northern Indiana. They sure have nice neat farms. I can do without the hanging laundry out on a cold wintery day. Brr. Stay warm. xoxo,Susie
Anonymous said…
beautiful area!!!! The wash on that line looks very familiar to me!
Guillaume said…
Good idea to get over the post-Halloween blues: start a Christmas countdown. I usually think November is a bit early for this, but hey.
Anonymous said…
I do like to see photos from Amish country. They have put up all christmas things in the stores already here! We'll be tired of it long before even december starts.

Have fun at the fair!

If anyone else said they had thousands of Christmas cookies to bake, I'd take it as hyperbole. Not with you though. I know it's the literal truth!
Cottage Tails said…
The Amish way of life fascinates me so I always love the photos you share
LOVE the log cabin. Wonderful Amish town. A psychic fair sounds like fun.
Everytime I see the Amish now, I recall the film on them and my feelings about them are..different.
Nope..would never want their life style. Like everything, there is good and bad I suppose. :) Isn't it getting cold where you are? Gorgeous country!!