Black Friday

 We had Black Ice Friday. I was hoping to get my tree yesterday but it didn't work out.  We had a freak ice/snow storm which caught everyone of guard and roads were closed everywhere.  So, it turned into a stay at home day.  Hopefully today I will get my tree and put it up.

 It was a good day to make mincemeat.

 And I made turkey stock.  Turkey bone gumbo is on tomorrow's menu.

 I made more of the herb dinner rolls and used them to made turkey sandwiches with blue cheese and cranberry sauce.

After hours of cooking, the mincemeat is ready for tart making.  What did you do on Black Friday?


Anonymous said…
your house must smell wonderful! I am the only one in our family that likes mincemeat tarts sadly, but I still make a few, not anything like yours I doubt, lol, We don't really have Black Friday here in our Canadian town, it was just a normal friday here. I am fascinated by the painting in the first beautiful Christmas tree photo, I wish I could see it better, lol, its beautiful, what is the story behind that painting if you don't mind me asking?
sandra said…
THAT tree is pure magic!!! love!!!
Anonymous said…
Those sandwiches sounds delicious!

They have actually started Black Friday here too, they haven't even had the energy to change it to anything swedish sounding :-) I'm not sure they got so many more customers though, they sort of forgot to let us know a few days ahead that it was about to start here too :-) :-) :-)

Snow here today! Very little though but some actually stayed on the ground until I came home from work.

Have a great day and good tree hunting!
Dee said…
Stay home! I sure don't shop. Your tree is beautiful.
Nellie said…
I haven't been out in the car since Tuesday! Definitely had no plans for going anywhere yesterday. A houseful of company seems to take care of my need to make any daily plans.:-)
Guillaume said…
I survived Black Friday. As a salesman, that is all that matters.
Barb said…
I surely didn't shop!!!!! I did go to the Y and walked. Since my knee replacement last spring, I am working hard to get back to my walking. It was pouring rain so it had to be the Y. I also put away most of my Fall decorations. I will miss the gourds!
Looks like you made a day of it even with the freak storm. Gorgeous tree. Is that last years?
1st Man said…
Cleaned out a storage unit. It was like black Friday shopping for two. And we got all the best deals...100% off everything, LOL.

That tree is just gorgeous.
I stayed home in my pj's all day. I did get more of the Autumn decor down and today finished packing it away. Tomorrow out comes the Christmas things..(I hope!)
No malls or big stores for me. I remember that tree from last year and I have not forgotten the hint of how to put those lights on! :) I am afraid that this year I bought a tree way too big for us to manage.
I ordered a 7 1/2 to 8 ft. tree and I think I over did it. Oh well. In my rush to make things glorious..I don't think that big a tree was a great idea. I will have to put furniture in the garage! :( Leave it to me to screw up!
You have inspired me. tomorrow I will put on some chicken breasts..and make chicken and noodles for dessert. :) Rolls..well, maybe not.
Laura said…
I spent the day cooking and cleaning as our Thanksgiving meal was held on Saturday.
I'm curious about the turkey bone gumbo?
ps...hugs to Teddy