Post Collards Cookoff

 We didn't win.  But we did have lots of fun!

 No one told us that half of the people attending the event would be vegetarians.  Oops!

 The woman that won has won for the last three years.  She said this is her last year to enter so someone else will have a chance.  We made a new friend, she is the sweetest person ever.

 Some contestants got very angry that they didn't win and left without cleaning up.  Sore losers.

 But a bunch of us stayed and cleaned up their messes.

I, of course, made way too much food.  But I anticipated this and brought take out containers and we packed up all the extras.  Everyone got to take some home with them.  Even the vegetarians.


Anonymous said…
you probably made some converts of those vegetarians, lol,
the photos of your home are magical, and my gosh I love that bat, I don't like them when they come down the wood stove in the house but that bat of yours,, I love that one!
Susie said…
Jaz, You sound like a good person too. Glad you had fun. Didn't the losers understand that not everyone can win ..too bad. There was a dinner at the local lion's club ...I would never eat there. I rented that place for our reunion once and had to clean like no tomorrow from previous event renters. Who would not help clean up a nice place to have events ? So since I would not be involved in the cooking and serving...I would have major doubts about the cleaning...ewww. xoxo,Susie
Guillaume said…
My wife is vegetarian and before we started dating I learned she was right as I was making a meal for her and our common friends. So I feel your pain.
Anonymous said…
Better luck next year!

It's tough learning that so many vegetarians will come at the cookoff and not before :-) :-) :-)

The important thing is that You had lots of fun :-)

I do like that bat!

Have a great day!
Your home is bathed in a golden glow! Glad you had fun at the contest and made new friends.
NanaDiana said…
LOL- I once hosted a dinner party and didn't realize that just about everyone was a vegetarian! lol We ate LOTS of salad..and I had LOTS of chicken and beef tips left over.

How awful that people just walked off and left their messes. What is WRONG with people? xo Diana
Sunnybrook Farm said…
There must have been some grand eats there if you didn't win with what you had.
Robin Larkspur said…
I see that umbrella from Practical Magic! Beautiful photos of your wonderful home.
Too bad you didn't win, though I know yours was the best even if it was for carnivores!
greekwitch said…
I can not believe you did not win. How well can a person possibly cook?
How sweet of you to bring containers for left overs and clean other people messes!
Those beans looked amazing, i keep thinking about them.
I laughed so hard with your comment!
greekwitch said…
I just noticed the bos's! Everything looks so beautifully put together and magickal!
Love the books and the bat. Contest sounds like alot of work.
Barb said…
Such nasty poor sports! The pictures are beautiful!
sandra hagan said…
I think it so good you were in a contest!

You did win........participation is it's own reward.

Good job!!!
You know Joyce...I am so darned proud to be your friend!! I've often wondered about people that do such things..the ones that stayed and helped..those are the ones that make all that cooking worth the effort. It's nice to win..but I would rather make a good friend like you did.