Teddy is Ready

 Teddy is ready for winter.

 She is laying under her outdoor heater.

 A big cold front is headed our way so she will need it.

 The golden colors of Fall fill the fields in the country now.

 Freshly cut fields attract pheasants for the hunters.

 No more grazing for the animals.

A perfect Thanksgiving farm.  Bring on the cold!


Teddy looks sweet sitting near the outdoor heater. It's going to be cold very soon. Stay warm.
Lady M said…
The way Teddy's made, he looks like he is ready for eternal winter.
Cottage Tails said…
I just don't get it how you can love the cold so much SMILE. Enjoy it!
NanaDiana said…
I always love your pictures. Teddy is so cute -ready for winter and all. xo Diana
Laura said…
I love your photos. You always find the neatest farmhouses. Bring on the cold front! I'm very excited about it. I just hope it brings us a little snow. :-)
ps...hugs to Teddy!
Suz said…
ya got me nice and sleepy now ready for stew and a little fire in the fireplace
yes, the fields in Galena are ready too for winter
Guillaume said…
I am ready for winter too. I can barely wait.
Susie said…
Nice pictures. I absolutely love the farm photo. It looks like a perfect place. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
p.s. Stay warm.
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Joy H said…
What a neat thing to have, an outdoor heater. I am sure our little beagle would love it. Teddy is really cute!
Joy @ Books and Life
sandra hagan said…
Just talked to one of my daughter in Maine. She said a cold vortex is on the way. Winter Winter on the way.
Barb said…
I have always thought that Teddy was one smart dog!
delicious ideas and Teddy is just adorable!
chickpea678 said…
What a beautiful photo of the road stretching away from you under the storm clouds!
greekwitch said…
I love that cheese ball of yours! It always looks fantastic!!
Give teddy a hug from me!
I remember Teddy hovering near that heater last Winter..(which seems like yesterday!) Mele got out of bed and followed me..keeping my feet warm! :) Do we love our dogs..or little girls??? :)
Those clouds really look threatening! I saw all those pumpkins in the back yard. When do you start decorating for Christmas.
The holidays are just coming TOO FAST! I feel like the world is turning faster and faster!!
Loli said…
Hello Teddy! Do you like to stay near the heater in winer?