Winter is Coming, Help the Homeless

 The things we take for granted, right?  I got a call from a friend the other day asking if I had any extra sheets or blankets.  There is a homeless shelter close by and they are desperate for sheets and blankets of any kind.  So, I cleaned out my linen closet which needed to be done anyway.  If you are like me, you must have unmatched sheets and pillowcases.  Their mates have gone off to the land of unmatched socks.  I was surprised at how much I had to give away.  I neatly folded it all, wrapped it in twine and added tags listing the sizes and pieces.  This was about half of what I wrapped for them.  Who knows how long this stuff has been sitting in my closet when it could have been making someone comfortable and keeping them warm.  It's a good time of year to clean out your linen closet!

 For those of you that are going to make the crackers from yesterday's post, I altered the recipe and I think it is much better. 

 Make the same recipe as yesterday but sprinkle in a bit of rapid rise yeast.  About 1/8 tsp..  I actually just pinched some and dropped it in.  I also added about 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese. You don't need to let the dough rise. The yeast just lightens the crackers and makes them crisper.  The Parmesan gives them a richer flavor but doesn't really make them taste like cheese.  I also sprinkled fresh diced rosemary, sea salt, granulated garlic and poppy seeds on the top and rolled them in.

These also really need to sit in a 200 degree oven for about 40 minutes after they've been baked so that they really dry out.


You have a kind, generous and giving heart. Saturday morning I will be making breakfast casseroles for Room in the Inn guys and washing linens in the afternoon. We are blessed
Nellie said…
I've linens that have been collecting for awhile. Now I'm heading to clear them out! Yes, those crackers will certainly be tasty. We do take things for granted, not thinking often about how we are blessed.
Anonymous said…
you are such a good egg, so kind,

I tried your crackers this morning, we had them with soup at lunch time, really good! I will try the new additions you mentioned, so easy to make, I should have tried this before, so fresh, I will hate to eat store bought again, I didn't add any herbs to ours because this husband of mine wanted them plain so he could put peanut butter on them,
( he loves peanut butter crackers), but the next batch will have herbs and cheese for sure, thanks for sharing this,
Patty Woodland said…
I love homemade crackers. I'll often used leftover pie dough and make crackers from that
An excellent reminder about passing on our surplus to others.
You are such a generous person but I think it is time I also went through my linen. Take care Diane
You are such a generous person but I think it is time I also went through my linen. Take care Diane
Ellen in Oregon said…
I just did the sane thing last week as our community warehouse sent out an alert that they were desperate esp. for twin bed linens. I had completely forgotten I had a big Rubbermaid tub full of brand new twin sets I had purchased right before I got rid of my twin beds in a spare room a couple of yrs. ago. Also, gloves, hats,boots, thermals, scarves & winter coats are always appreciated at shelters this time of year. Many homeless will not use shelters and being dressed as warm as possible can prevent frostbite & possibly save a life this winter.
We are in the 2nd day of very high winds with power being lost in many areas around Portland. Now 4-5" of snow is headed our way tomorrow. Br careful out there everyone who is experiencing winter weather's 1st blast.
Thanks for the cracker recipe Joyce. I have to restrict my sodium & the low sodium crackers in the store are tasteless. Now I can use all kinds of herbs & seasonings to make my own tasty treats.
Guillaume said…
I admire your generosity. Winter is coming here too.
Susie said…
May God bless your good heart. I love those pretty crackers. xoxo,Susie
Barb said…
You are doing wonderful things!
Camille said…
You know what? An excellent and timely reminder. I'm on it. Look out linen closet, here I come! Thanks. You are wonderful.
LOVE your suggestion. I just donated two bags of things to the local thrift. And have another one ready for tomorrow.
c. Joy said…
Thanks for this reminder!
That is something I can do and should do and WILL do. Mine needs to be cleaned out too. But of course you did that. :) You just make me smile..
As much as I would like to..I KNOW full well I will just go to the store and buy crackers. LOL But they do look wonderful. There is nothing like "homemade!"
chickpea678 said…
Look how pretty you made your already considerate gift!