A Christmas Gnome

 I received this fabulous Christmas gnome from my friend the other day.  I love felting and hand stitching so this is right up my alley.

 Look at the perfect blanket stitching on it. And see the tiny knots on the waste band?

 And the intricate holly and berries stitched on the hat.

 This piece has really inspired me.  I am going to teach myself to felt and to do this kind of stitching.  At least I am going to give it a good shot!

 Look at the tiny details on the back of the hood and the cape.

She is standing in the forest under the big scary witch.  Thanks C!!!!


Anonymous said…
What a cute gnome :-)
I would probably go insane trying to do that stitching :-)

Have a Good Yule!
Guillaume said…
We have decorations that look very similar to that gnome back in England.
Cottage Tails said…
Beautiful needle work and a perfect place to sit.
Sandy said…

Your friend did a beautiful job on this Gnome.

Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
oh I love felting, I have never done it but I admire it so much, I know someone who makes mice and they look sooo real its amazing, this gnome could not be a better gift for you, its beautiful and I think it belongs in your forest with the witch flying over head, perfect!
What an adorable gnome! And it's made overtop of a wine cork base, amiright? I learned how to embroider blanket stitch a gazillion years ago in 4-H but must say I've never had any call to use it since, LOL!
Kay said…
Wow! That is pretty darn fabulous! Have fun with it! I'm now remembering a friend gave me an ornament kit with felt in it. It was a lot of fun to do so many decades ago.
What a sweet gnome. perfectly placed among your forest of trees.
Barb said…
The perfect spot for a gnome!!
Beautiful! I would be inspired also! Merry Christmas! Your raclette sounds delicous.